Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two takes on Horror Interview with authors Mike Philbin and Nickolaus Pacione

Two different takes on horror -- one real and the other is surreal. So in that light, here's the interview with myself and Mike Philbin on He deserves top billing on this one. I chose to include a lot of what happened to me in real life as far as the answers because of the story The Pattern of Diagnosis and Terry Vinson suggested I do a book on the real life stuff. I am writing a book like that right now so I figured it would play into the interview being the author who wrote real life dark stuff.

It is a good contrast as one person commented to me on Myspace about the interview. People are going to get mixed reactions from the interview as Mike will say, people looked at us as sinners before but I think the more people see this interview they'd be more understanding.

I was talking with an editor about his anthology, and he told me that I was his first introduction to underground horror and seeing how some of the many stories in the genre are do damn different from each other. So it is an interesting thing getting to know the new neighbor in the small press.