Tuesday, July 3, 2007

the progress on An Eye In Shadows

Took a word count on the current non-fiction project in progress and will say I felt that it is surprizing that I worked on this less than a few months and already is the length of House of Spiders 3. (Give or take the same size as the short novel.) 100 pages already too, and so far PublishAmerica is interested but I want to send them the version that I am doing to put on Lulu.com but available to me only so I can show them what it looks like as a finished book then send the book to a few publishers with a disk including a promotional kit including a video explaining the project instead of a cover letter. It is funny when something of this nature picks up speed then when you really get into writing a full length book it is tough to keep focus on it -- so I was killing some time by playing around on http://www.newgrounds.com. I've been so busy with editing Tabloid Purposes IV and writing the non-fiction book that I haven't written any new short fiction in a long time.
The last new short story I wrote had to be Blood Contender and that was a few months ago and I wrote Misguidance back in March in about two hours so I am making that one available for free since it is a 2800 word short story.. It got accepted too on a publication. I won't say where yet because I don't want the asshole convention harassing them. The non-fiction book is about 30,700 words and climbing from there -- hopefully by the end of this month I will have that 30,000 doubled to 60,000. I am hoping to get more added to the book in the sense of the section that has the longest part -- being my freshmen year alone. The book itself will make The Fandom Writer, Bleed The Freak, and FUCKBEATER seem like child's play for me. The difference between those three stories and the book itself is that the book is a work of nonfiction, and the other stories are works of fiction -- Bleed The Freak is close to how this book is going to be except that it will echo true to life in that sense.
I've shown part of the non-fiction book to the editor of The Literary Bone because he is publishing the story that originally got published in England for the first time in the United States. It is a reprint now but still a print exclusive, this time exclusive in the United States. Those of you who are international and had copies of the magazine it appeared in you'll know the story I am talking about here. With that being said the non-fiction book right now is coming along slowly but pacing myself with doing this kind of project. Misguidance is the story that will show the blueprints for the third rewrite of the book. I am pleased with the way this story turned out.