Sunday, July 8, 2007

More on that response about Elizabeth Peake's testing

The reason I said what I said about Elizabeth Peake is because what the bitch tried to do early on, and old scars don't heal. Recently she mentioned on a message board that she had been tested negative, but personally I don't give a shit either way if she was positive or negative. The reason is that she took some of my old blog postings without my permission and posted them on a rivals message board edited up to make them look like something they're not. I will not buy her books when they come out, personally I would rather see her go broke for what she's done. It might be a harsh way of looking at things over the years and I could see her hunting me down with a double barrel shotgun but personally it gives her rivals something to tell her to openly fuck off with.
It wasn't a death threat or anything like that but it is just a really cold way of saying I just don't give a fuck. She stacked the dominoes trying to knock them down on my career and saying I didn't have a career to begin with but when my career is taking off more it will piss her off even more that my success is the best revenge. I might not be a bestselling author, it is because her little group is making sure of that. I am happy being a micro-press and seeing authors take off from where they start. I give them a starting point and where they take it from there is something I don't always know.
Seeing her post on a particular message board brings back a lot of old venom and it reveals itself in ways that I can't even or don't want to imagine. I don't see her putting things out there, and don't see her selling her work. Well she's got nothing to show for her site, and sometimes I dismiss it as professional jealousy.