Sunday, July 29, 2007

more progress on the non-fiction book

The non-fiction book is currently 33,000 words and climbing from there. I am adding more to it as I speak right now and I noticed already a lot of shockwaves because of the interview. I am waiting for the hatemail to come and already I guess there is an asshole trying to ruin the book signing from happening in October. It is funny that this person who is trying to fuck things up for me became fast friends with a person who ruined sales of an anthology I did three years ago.

It is going to get more interesting as it goes on when I go further to writing the non-fiction book. The person who is trying to make my life a living hell for what leaving the apartment that I lived at for a year and a half, and I wasn't happy because I was always broke. The fact my business was suffering because of it and couldn't get contributor copies for the contributors or didn't have enough for review copies either. So yeah it will be business as usual. Seems like Dagstine wanted me to give the names of the writers on Tabloid Purposes IV -- that is a closely guarded secret with me until the book comes out because of the incident that happened in 2004.

Nice try mother fucker, mr. painted smiling face. I am not going to reveal the line up. And that non-fiction book won't libel anyone. You're twisting around what I say again like an asshole. Motherfucker get a life. Remember you asked for the interview, you got it now you're scared because what I am saying with the book is going to shock the industry in the balls.

It seems like the more with people like Encyclopedia Dramatica is doing to do libelous postings of me on that site, every chance they get they're going to libel me. I just addressed what they did in the book and waiting for them to choke on their words. Girlvinyl you need to get a fucking life. As for the editor named Lincoln, you realize you're fighting overseas for my right to tell you to fuck off. As much as I support the troops, this is the only one that I will try to bite my tongue because I know it will not end pretty if I say something. I know a lot of people who served and I was a man in uniform that was short lived because of my learning disability, so I will say this -- Lincoln shut the fuck up.