Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nelson Ford Is A Infant Raping Son Of A Bitch

I guess when I was banned from Spinetingler.co.uk's forums for six months it was because of this faceless faggot, Nelson Ford, as far as you're concerned I have a suggestion of a game for you to play. It's called why don't you go play drink what's under the kitchen sink. Asshole, I don't like you -- never liked you from day one. You're a faggot who needs to kindly kill himself and let me enjoy my career as spanned out as it is starting to become. You're nothing but a dick who needs to go fuck himself in the ass with a harpoon. When his "friend" HorrorGal decided to pick on my science fiction story -- it was something that she didn't like the fact it got published somewhere. I don't see her posting any of her legit fiction anywhere, she used WritersCafe.org's forums as a dumping post on me to sabotage my projects like a little cunt. Nelson Ford is also another loser in that vein too.