Friday, July 27, 2007

this non-fiction book will be written

"Prison for praise is not worth thinking
Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking
So unleash the dogs - the only solution
Forgive and forget, FUCK NO
I'm talking about a REVOLUTION"


Now I seen some of the posts on here -- I got work to be done on the non-fiction book and some careers need to be fucked with. This book is happening and will be done. I am doing a dirty deed that is done dirt cheap and coming in as a real investigative journalist not a fiction author here. Dagstine, nothing can stop this book from happening. You called that interview a publicity stunt. Now he's saying my career needs to be stopped. It can't be stopped it won't be stopped. This thing is bigger than I am now. I am seeing what is happening the shit storm is becoming bigger by the day. Even if I have to put this book out myself, and shell out the $195 to publish it with Scars Publications I will put it out.

Since I've written stories that tend to flip the masses off if they are naysayers, this one is going to throw up the shocker. The index finger and middle finger up then the ring finger is bent over the thumb with the pinky sticking up. Two in the pink, one in the stink. So yeah this thing is going to be ugly as hell once it gets published. I am even going to talk to a few publishers in the higher markets who are daring enough to do a publication like this will be willing to run a book like this. I am starting to learn how underminded some could be in trying to ruin a person's career and I think this is another reason why I am going to get this book finished and in the hands of the newspapers. All 6 million of Chicago, and all of Joliet will know what's going on.

Then some are claiming what I said in the interview is hate speech, yeah right that just me being myself. Using the f-bomb here and there and using the fag-word like there is no tomorrow. I say this with wry smile -- Publish America will be one of the places that will get the book after it is released with another publisher. No names were mentioned that are libel -- I mention authors I am influenced by in there. Controversy will follow with this book.

I know it is going to happen every new mass marketer is going to feel the sting of this one (the ones who are in my age bracket are going to feel this one the hardest.) It seems like the ones who blasted on me the worst will be the most scared of this project -- and yes I am smiling too because I dropped the nuke. My career is going to live on a larger level. Philbin said the genre is going to die out by 2012, and this book will easy be thing that will echo the catalyst of it.

Dagstine is another Nicholas Mounts and I will write him off as such. That's why the interview with is all the sweeter. True people will be trying to sue my ass over the book to make sure it doesn't get written but the more people will try to back stab me about it it just give me more fuel. Don't worry I won't mention you in there, just I know similar people to you when I was younger and my real friends will understand more about this because they've seen me go into this mode. This is the real Pacione writing the book and the angrier it is the more I think people will relate to it.

I guess the more he did this interview I had this weird feeling he would really turn. A smiling assassin scenario. Someone told me back when I started out and getting published in more places I learn fast who my friends and enemies are. I am making people nervous with this book, but then again I started this book originally two years ago before the controversy started. Someone with a bullshit contest did so to humiliate me so this book when finished is my vengence. Anger in eyes, sucess is my revenge. I don't get mad, I get even.

I knew that getting published with The Literary Bone was too good to be true, when the saying goes -- when it is too good to be true, it might be too good to be true. This book is going to allow me to be a real bastard too, and I am going to be a bastard about it. The Illinois Bastard Son is going to be heard. This book has a lot of hype behind it and there will be people losing their contracts when this is done, and the one whose going to feel the sting of it is going to be the Rockaway Hooker.

This book will start a revolution and yes I live to start them. This country is born on revolution. That's the beauty of being an American, knowing that revolution is our history -- and this is what drives me to do the books and the anthologies. I know I need to get something of a rally here and this is it. Mother fuckers like The Other Dark Place will come and go, despite some of them intending for this media blackout. I will expose them in the papers and take them to hell in the process.

They cost me a really good writer and one who really wanted to be in the anthology, history repeating itself and I am pissed as hell. Shit like this always happens when I am doing the flagship project, seeing what Dagstine pulled is another Mounts -- pretending to be someone's friend then when they decide to do the interview it all goes too. Motherfuckers, and this non-fiction book will have more added to it. I can understand the hornets nests that were stirred up when my old room mate posted on the phonograph lists because this is the same fucking thing with certain circles in the horror community. And Ron H, mentioned shit like this on the midnightersclub saying, "Play the game you're all treated the same, but when you do something that goes against what they do -- they're quick to start a witch hunt."