Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You know when Tabloid Purposes is out....

When you get a lot of prank calls from Brian Keene. He brags about he how tries to get the book for free and shit like that, what the hell. Get a life asshole. Aren't you getting too old for the prank calls? Yeah I stopped doing prank calls when I was a teen, but my long time friends still will play around with the prank calls. Keene reminds me of this particular individual I used to go at it with a lot when I was in Firefly. Yeah I got pretty disgusting when I made the jokes at his expense. I can't remember his domain name but it was a four letter word. This dude protested everyting I did on when that site was there. This reminds me greatly of the firefly years. My rise came from was the direct ancestor to So when you see a place like emerge, it was a second coming of that site. I've seen this kind of bullshit emerge in FlreFly's chatrooms. The way the Other Dark Place is and these other online communities who are devoted to trashing on me -- reminds me of the bullshit that a jagoff named CoyoteShadowJacker used to do. They've went as far as to list my old Glendale Heights address and I had my own phone line in. They were listing my phone number to that address too. So if there are people who live at my old address still getting prank calls because people think I still live there -- I left there in 1998.
      They hated journalists back then, and those are the kind of people who didn't hide behind a fake name. I've seen shit like this come and go. This is just a continuation to what went on in 1997 but taken to a more epic level. One of those things you know when Tabloid Purposes is out is when the harassment becomes more intense.