Monday, September 3, 2007

What the hell...

I guess the Other Dark Place are wanting to be dicks about me when I am trying to ignore the asshole convention forming over there. I got a book to write and a deadline to meet with the book being done. I guess they want to get me from writing on it as much as possible because they don't want a book like this to go out there. Contracts will be lost and authors will lose book deals, some authors need to lose their book deals I think. They got a lot to lose when this book comes out and guess they are trying to do that counter-book they want to do because it is in their nature to ruin someone's career. Let a man gain his book sales, and that is all I want -- leave me to make some money on a book. R.J. take your head out of your ass for one minute before you claim parody, it is doing what Susan Taylor and that asshole boyfriend are doing.
    I've been quiet because I want to get this book done and to press. Keene go fuck off and let a guy write in peace. You made your royalities for being a major asshole about railroading someone's projects. Especially you dickholes who go around stealing copyrighted photos and doctoring them up to make them all pornographic. That is libel right there. Why the fuck would you want to libel someone when there is money involved here. You bastards are ruining a career of someone and that is a violation of someone's rights. Yes I am out of the entitlement generation and my entitlement is to my royalities on a book. Even you assholes might think its funny to knock someone around when they're quiet. Piss off and let me get my sales of projects out there. Fair enough?
    Face it you all hate my guts, and don't like the fact I did get legitimate sales under my belt as a short story writer -- true I might self-publish some short story collections, but do I go around ruining sales of R.J. books -- no. Yet you assholes libeled the shit out of a charity anthology -- a charity one for fucks sake. That's worst than pirating the project, and you assholes actually admitted to do that too.
    It goes with the territory with that board, devoted every way in libling the living shit out of projects. Yeah keep trying assholes because you're going to succeed in one thing; what is that you ask? Failing.