Tuesday, September 4, 2007


"So, I open the book, Dead Sea. Gee, a story about zombies, etc.
     Soon, I find out the main character is a faggot. Why?      What the hell does that have to do with Zombies wanting to eat someone.
     Are you, Brian, trying to ram (No Pun Intended) political correctness down out throats (Again, No Pun Intended).
     If you want to lure your zombie loving fans, please leave out the faggotry, that life style is more disgusting than zombies eating my mother in front of me.

With Love, of course.
Do you also hug trees?"

Whoever wrote this earned themselves a copy of my non-fiction book when it is finished. Dude -- you rock. That is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen. Someone just got Keene's goat and it wasn't me this time who pissed him off. That's the funniest fucking thing I read. Keene thank you for giving me a new reader, a legitimate one. This is the kind of guy who reads Tabloid Purposes and loves it. I don't think he reads The Turner Diaries because he's not that kind of person. He's too UN-PC for it. To the dude whoever wrote that, what's your fucking e-mail address? Better yet I might have a few copies of Tabloid Purposes IV saved for you when I order the next round of the books one's yours. Keene fuck you man, and thank you for giving me a new reader. Yeah from that message this guy really got to Keene. I am laughing because of it -- I think Keene eats Queerios for breakfast.
      Someone finally got the best of Keene right there. I think it is funny that he actually said it too -- that took some brass balls. I can just imagine him foaming at the mouth at that response and here I am laughing really loud about it here. I wonder if he hangs out in the forums I sometimes post in. I think the guy is an average joe who is voicing the opinion of many which is hilarious. If I had the dude's e-mail address I would thank him for taking the heat off me for while. How does it feel to be called a Tree Hugger? I prefer calling him a pompous asshole. I needed that because it would break up the stress of writing a non-fiction book, and this thing is at about 60,000 words on a 6x9 format. I am going for broke here when I am writing 3000-6000 word bursts. For an asshole who accuses me of plagiarism. I just see the guy who posted on that board as a dude who refuses to suck saten's cock.

You have to be able to write to write a book. Just pasting the word "buttsecks" into a word document over and over doesn't count.


-Brian Keene

It's like I said, there will be more people like me out there who will tell Keene to go fuck himself. This was just another guy who has the balls to say it, and I will never give Keene a dime of my money. Keene is another McKeeman, except that McKeeman's kingdom crumbled and can't push one copy of his novel. The dude who said that above, I actually follow that advice when I write horror and non-fiction. The non-fiction book has a lot of harsh observations and I will paint a lot of disturbing pictures from stereotypes out there. I will not use the names of the assholes I hate in the industry when I write this book. So yeah I can see where a few are going to e-mail me telling me to fuck off. I am just waiting for his F.U.K.U.'s to start up on me again.
      Keene you've been outclassed by a younger guy, and someone who's got more heart for the genre. The fact I am willing to get published outside of horror and other genres makes me more well versed in other genres such as writing Literary Fiction with elements of horror, but not making the horror element dominate the other parts. There's a method to my madness and you don't get that. The fact you accuse of me stealing from Stephen King, what the fuck -- I have my own voice you dick. Perhaps you and McKeeman steal from each other on a regular basis. I guess you constantly run a round with a loser in a dress. (I had to throw the loser wears a dress thing in there.) Now everyone wonders why I wear regular baggy jeans and basketball shoes, it's because I am being honest with myself and write street level Gothic Horror. There's more to Gothic Fiction than just weepy oversensitive vampire, I like to create monsters and have stories with that "Pal, you're beyond fucked" aspect to it. I like my brand of horror and I Will not change up the style any other way as much there are fuckers out there trying to pass it off as shit, I guess what they're reading these days are a trend.
      By the way TABLOID PURPOSES IV is doing better than this book. Darren -- how does it feel that you're book isn't selling for shit when an anthology about the same size as the book is outselling you. Someone who flat out pissed on your photo, you know you should use that pissed on photo as the cover. This is a note how a lot of writers who hate each other behave. Yeah one of them "tried" to flood my inbox already -- fucken assholes. Don't you fucks have anything better to do? I guess Keene had nothing better to do when he was twenty except for punching kids and robbing the disabled. Final note Keene -- PISS OFF. Welcome to Tabloid Hell, it is a lot uglier than your scorched earth policies.

From this point on, you are either with us or you are against us. There will be no middle of the road. You do not get to be Switzerland. If you insist on walking in the middle of the road, we will run you over. If you insist on being Switzerland, you will be nuked.

There is more to me than you see Keene, a lot more. You call yourself the bad boy in this business, there will aways be someone playing the bad boy game a lot meaner. I don't play games Keene, and when I am writing this book I am playing for keeps. You're swimming in a large ocean full of sharks and you have a cut arm. You're a wounded animal Keene. You're messing with another lion here. There's a new lion in the jungle Keene and you have to accept it now. Calling a project that I worked on for six months dripple, it has more body in it than that collaboration you wrote with David Niall Wilson.
      It bothers you that I sold one book, but wait until it happens more and it will happen in the vein of it will be some of your publishers that will be the publishers of them. This is my canned laughter Keene. You're a scared little boy Keene, under that 40 year old man -- you're just a boy. I am coming into my own Keene and you can't stop me. Good luck trying because there is one thing you're going to suceed hard at, and that is failing. Your novels are out of season. You got my signing cancelled in Morris you cunt, in my adoptive home town you did this -- unforgivable. Trying to get me arrested twice when I don't even have a record. I am not afraid of you Keene, I am just waiting for you to actually take a swing at me in person. I am giving you one free swing too.
      To be a good horror writer, you have to be a prick. And right now this new non-fiction book -- not even your best of Hail Saten is safe because a Catagory Five is coming in. Everywhere I walk, a tornado touches down -- I am waiving my hand, "Bring it asshole." I am coming in defense of that guy who hates your guts, whoever that dude is -- I got your fucking back. You talk a big game Keene, but you can't defend for shit when it comes to a real confrontation. No fruits in my work, at least there isn't a fruit in my books. That guy's got a point Keene, you're a follower not a leader. I could see you playing the pied piper leading people into the depths, sure listen to Capt. Douchebag there.