Sunday, September 9, 2007

Attention Capt'n Douchebag

Listen up asshole, I guess you're nothing but a coward who hides behind a fake name and a fake picture. Taking what I say out of context, I guess you go around biting everyone's pole. You're a cunt that needs to be eliminated like some termite or cockroach. Yes and that is exactly what you are -- a fucking cockroach. It is douchebags like you that need to be dragged out and shot.
      I would really hate guess what your stomach contents would be if they performed an autopsy on you. Or if they were pump your stomach, god only knows what was in there. And knowing how much pole you were biting, it would be telltale what kind of shit will be in your stomach contents. See L.A. Confidential for the referrence.
      You claim yourself to be a profesisonal but the shit you're doing on your blog is less than professionals. I guess you've been sucking Nelson Ford's dick all night. Just a another dumb ass mother fucker who has un natural sex with small animals wile he blows his dad. Reminds me of a former room mate I had when I lived in Iowa who used to take small pets from others and use them for his cat toys. I guess seeing a rump ranger like that who hides behind a fake name and a fake picture, claiming to "tell the truth" about me. Well the way I see it the fucker is hiding something of his own there just because he knows what will come out will be his funeral.