Saturday, September 15, 2007

More added

An Eye In Shadows is now about 78,000 words and climbing from there. I got the back cover designed and working on different concepts for the cover and it will all be in black but the text will be a grey in color. Yes I am including some hate mails in the thing too just to piss people off even more. Keep running your mouth jokers because that is all you bastards who repeatedly hate on me are, nothing but jokers who swallow too many flesh poles. I am trying to keep passages to a minimum that I want to let out for free, because there's many parts that will gouge out eyes in the process.
      I am pleased that I am able to get this far along with the book. It is mid September and I am at a good pace with it right now. Some are squirming and yes it is a given there. The fact the fancrapper behind Sabledrake is bragging how she gets fanfiction the rate of the book in two days time. Bitch listen up -- writing fan fiction won't get you the money. If you stole the character you have no right to be writing a novel from it. I would rather write a book that I am proud of where the characters are all mine or based on something that put something into the other books than do something where the characters aren't mine.