Monday, September 17, 2007

It's available now..

The wait is over for the non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows. The 235 page print version is available now. And then the other version is available by direct link. The e-book is $16 to detract people from pirating the damn thing. (The version will be available upon e-mail request only and serious inquiries only.) I am sure that Mark Brennan might have pirated a few books in his time if you know what I mean. I guess you assholes are just waiting to get that counter-book done. Yes I know about your little "counter-book." This is the counter book to both Best of Hail Saten and the fucking "Truth About Dick" book -- yeah I am talking about you Fox and Taylor (you're still fucking cunts.) You want get the real dirt, that book will have it. That's if you'd be willing to spend the scratch to get it. Trying to "friend" my long time friends won't help you either.
       Media Black out this assholes. You want to try to stop this book from getting out there -- you failed amd failed miserably. You dicks want to sue me now -- for what the fact that I exposued a damn hierarchy and now that hierarchy is just a house of cards waiting to fall. Good luck trying to doctor up the covers too because even these are doctor prootf too. This book was two years in the making -- two false starts, but decided to get it written inside of three months. Three months time I have a full length book. This is what happens when you don't write short fiction or do as much as blogging for a month.
       MacDonald, still want to derail me asshole? This book will expose all the assholes for who they are, including the coward behind the effiminate green mask too. I've seen what the asshole did on his blog and he's nothing but a cyber-bully. Yeah I guess this will piss off a number of people the fact I did this kind of book but I knew it needed to be out there and published. I am going to be ordering up a few of these for a few book fairs. There is a lot of anger involved when I did write this book and the fact it needed to be written. I refused to tow the Leisure horror partyline and this was a middle finger in the face of Brian Keene, yeah I know now he wants to punch me right between the eyes for this kind of book because it will counter the New Fear. The cocksucker made me the butt of his sick joke for far too long and he's going to get a bucket of piss thrown in his face.
       Cyber-bullying, False-Friendships, I covered them in here -- the fact that Dagstine pretended to be a friend just so he can get information on the non-fiction book. As for the Kody Boye thing, I am not going to say anything vicious about him right now but I've seen the vicious thing he's said on the boards. That's what happens when people get too much power too fast, at such a young age. I do these tags on my blog just so I can keep everything organized. The fact That I've seen all this before on different message boards over the years. It will be things like this that will crumble the house of cards that is the current state of the genre. I've seen it on a number of levels, and this is where they kept me silent for way too long. It will be said and the frightening thing is when it it will be said -- there is nothing that can reverse the damage.
       It bothers them that the maps are being redrawn, and this is where the shadows dwell and real-life takes over from their fiction. The fact that I was a teen harassed made this book even more potent, and the ideas that assholes out there who are going go make my last part of my twenties a living hell and my thirties hell. Yeah right you fucks, you need to get a life already and quit with your goddamn'd stranglehold. Let a guy make his money on a book or a publication he made instead of going around passing around e-books for free on WildTangent, Napster or all of that shit. I know that The Other Dark Place does encourage e-piracy and I've seen it when they are posting passages of my fiction on the board. Freeman you had no permission to post my work on that forum so I guess you have no respect for copyrighted material. That's right keep foaming at the mouth.
       No one is safe in this book, the ones who made my life a living hell the past four years were the ones who are going to be the ones who are the ones who are going to feel the sting of this book the worst. Have fun drying your face off from the bucket of piss that was thrown in it. The whole thing with Mark Brennan publically lamblasting Lake Fossil Press on The Other Dark Place got me pissed off, and fucker your time is coming -- I will destroy you.
       As far as Dagstine calling me the Monster, yeah I seen his kind come and go over the years too. I penned a 235 page monster with the right motivations and the right reasons to do it. The timing was right and I will disturb the goddamn universe. Yes I am throwing a bucket of piss in the face of all the assholes that gave me flack with this one. I know a few are saying, "Oh Gawd!" Angeline I guess you are wanting to write a counter book now -- I dare you to try. That will make your feud public. You should have never started a feud with this. I guess the feuds will fucking grow now. I am the man of many feuds, but that is something that comes with the territory -- I am going to end up butting heads. Now I am just trying to figure out how to get an ISBN for the versions on Those will be the ones that I will get the copies of for book fairs in the area.
       I just put a cigarette out on the collective foreheads of the asshole committee who has a thread that is 2000 replies wide. I wonder when that crapfest will come out. My advice to those who are running with Keene and them -- never get into it with me because I am the dude that will expose it all. Much as I exposed McKeeman, take that for a lesson there. A long time friendship disolved from that one, he decided to defend his clients before he would listen to a friend. That's the reminder that this whole industry is a business. You assholes are devoted to my every fail, I guess I should start playing that game too when it comes to you -- be devoted to your every fail.

As for Brian Keene -- cease from calling my house you piece of horse raping shit. If you ever show up at an event I am doing -- I will personally have you removed or I will remove you myself. You're constantly harassing my family someone needs to put you down for the rabid dog you are. I don't fucking appreciate when my family gets harassed asshole. The shitstorm is coming and someone bragged about having a pirated copy -- was that the person who bought the e-copy of the book just to see what it would look like? The fact he was rushing me for passages of the book. You keep calling my house that is null and void on the "restraining order" you constantly dangle in my face. I will see to it that no books of yours will ever be sold here in Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest if you keep fucking with me -- this non-fiction book will go to the press and I will see to it personally your ass will be toast here in Chicago.
      This the very last signing of mine you ever fucked with -- the fact I got a signing in Morris that was cancelled due to you mother fucker. Yes You will fucking pay for what you did there Keene, the constant accusations of plagiarism as for A.C. -- when did you become such a goddamned cunt? F and H I feel sorry for your kids right now because you're giving them the wrong example. Let a man make his money off his books even if it is a book such as An Eye of Shadows. What kind of example are you white trash assholes setting for your kids?