Thursday, September 6, 2007

64,000? Goddamn.

"This town needs an enema" -- Jack Nicholson, BATMAN

Damn this thing is just 129 pages but it is taking a real personality of its own. I am smiling at how far along this is and this is just the beginning of September. I can't say when I will have this book finished but I am re-doing the back cover of it. My plan is to self-release the book privately then order up copies as I need them then would send them to various newspapers in the area. I can see the suckpuppets are dancing. The Rusty Nail is someone's suckpuppet. The fact that I know that I am getting a lot of shit already because this book isn't even done but I am getting a lot of prank calls and bastards making my life a living hell on myspace too. Fucking assholes stealing my photos, RJ you're a dick if you go around stealing my photos for your so called "parody" purposes. As Keene claims he comes in with a bucket of cold water -- this book is a bucket of scalding piss. I won't start the pre-orders yet for this book but I will say this much, it's already creating a buzz. Let the evil diatribes begin.
      I am letting a select few see the uncorrected proofs when I get finished with it, and that will be my test crowd with this. Hell I could even consider doing a book from my blogs maybe -- the idea is very tempting. But I can say this, An Eye In Shadows is going to be a bucket of piss and exposing a social hierarchy that will crumble when I get done. They want to see my career become buried, sorry dickheads hate to disappoint you. I am not hatelaced just tired of everyone's shit and trying to push me under a fucking table. When people do that -- it's just a ticking time bomb. When authors who are self-published are equal market share here, and the frightening thing is that these mass market authors don't know is this. Someone just redrawn the borders of the nation of horror under their eyes.
      It seems that the time is coming that change is going to happen that they don't like. They're deathly afraid of it. As some say they are that bucket of cold water, what's more effective is the bucket of piss and I am that bucket of piss. When they vandalize pages that were originally on Wikipedia for me, and vandalize my book listings by posting libelous things about the books (Ahem, Marlowe1, you're ass is mine.) Bastard is willing to piss on everything a person worked hard to attain. I have a blue collar ethic and that is why I am always working on something new. Either being an anthology, a short story, or idea for a book. When I get this book done then I will be ready to do a full length novel or two. The ideas are there for them and I want to explore them more. I just want to write more novella length stories for the time being. This book is one of those that really devoted a lot of my writing energy into and the suckpuppets are trying draw my focus away from the book.
      I never really concentrated into a full length project before this so I am kind of nervous about it. I enlisted six beta readers with this book too so I know when I get it ready it will be one of those that will rip the doors off the place. I know that the Other Dark Place has absolutely no respect for people's copyrighted materials so that is why I am guarding this project. They want to try and pirate this book they have to kill me and pry it from my cold rotted fingers. I begin to think that they have The Turner Diaries in their regular reading patterns because one of the dickheads reads Hilter's book.
      Don't ever underestimate me, because that is when I will make you tap out so to speak. Someone is going to end up tapping out and it isn't going to be me. This is going to be a brawl so to speak and the fact they are doing something that history did for many years.This constant holier than thou attitude that these assholes carry will be the death of them I think. The fact they are going around with anonymous e-mails harassing would be new readers. The fact that I will put this out there the curse of the blogging generation is the curse of the daily press of the 1880s.
      I am waiting for the torches and pitchforks now to come and this is what I am going to say I am not going to blow any sunshine up someone's ass about it. I will tell someone to piss off online take it as how I would tell them in person, the fact I will tell someone to their face to piss off too. The very fact of this book being written is going to be a testament to what I am capable of. The fact these assholes on The Other Dark Place have no idea that I am really capable of doing. Don't tread on me, and that is the bottom line. So yeah that is what I say when I deal with these kind of assholes because I've dealt with their kind for 24 years. I am expert in dealing with these kind of people and I am a little more methodical in doing so. So in that with working on this book it will be their epitaph to what their career was, the fact that they could have handled this a lot differently than being assholes about it.