Monday, September 17, 2007

I am playing for keeps assholes.


"Three words, chump: take it down- you had enough fun, you and Philbin? Well, the laughs are over, end of the day, and here is what i have to say and you WILL obey. (Yeah go fuck yourself and while you're at it go suck the horse off while you're at it.)

take the book down off cafepress - or else we're coming for you. the army of darkness will fall on you and smother you like an eclispse. comprehende? we're laughing now, and you might be gettin a chuckle in yourself, but by the day after tomorrow, a man in morris illionis won't find it so funny.

take it down or everybody you know faces the ultimate consequences.

-the horror conspiracy


You fucks pirated my book -- do you assholes respected any copyrighted material. I think the moderators of that board need to be lined up in a row on the street and shot in the head. Assholes. Sangiovanni I wish someone pirates both your book -- fucking cunt. I have a good temptation to actually distribute a few stories I got from the assholes who pirated my works around for free just to piss them off. As much as they have no respect for copyrights -- I think they need to be murdered rather brutally. Fucking assholes -- this is means war the fact that I wrote a non-fiction book is one thing, and the fact it is out there is another, but must you assholes pirate the book without end? You fuckers are everlasting cocksuckers. I am going to lead a boycott of Brian Keene's DEAD SEA just because what he did. You want to show your support for this -- here's what you do. Go to the bookstore with a print copy of An Eye In Shadows and show them this book instead. I will give some promotional materials for the book and copies of Tabloid Purposes IV for good measure. Want to earn a few copies of publications this is how you do it. FUCK DEAD SEA, FUCK KEENE AND BURN HIS WORKS.
      You fucking assholes did a book burning by doing that and you may as well shave your hair up to look like Adolf Hilter. Fucking pricks, go to hell you mother fuckers. I am encouraging a petition to get Leisure to get Dead Sea Cancelled from circulation everywhere. I am in kill mode you fucking terrorists, what right do you fuckers have to go posting someone's book on a forum? I am encouraging book burnings of A Day In The Life by Dan Fox and Susan Taylor. They are Nazis of the modern day. You fags don't have a life if you have to go around ruining someone's work like that -- you're a bunch of dicks who need to slowly kill yourselves. Does it feel good to ruin someone's name and career. Keene if I ever see you in Chicago I am clocking you. I will break both your fucking arms you little fuck. Starting with the fingers so you can't type then I am taking a pipe to your arms as hard as I could hit. Then I am going to break your fucking teeth -- one tooth at a time asshole. I don't fuck around like that assholes -- piracy is illegal. One of the reasons that I wish Keene goes broke and works die with him. The Other Dark Place is a haven of white trash.
      I think someone seriously needs to throw some bleach in their eyes or use a supersoaker mixed with bleach and piss use that mixture to create a tear gas. People like that need to be seriously hurt. Keene you are pompous cunt who has no sense of sportsmanship. Burn in hell mother fucker. I hope you little fags get a nice little virus with that book. That pirated book came with an installer. I hope you little assholes enjoy the virus.

"we've just started collaborating and putting together our 'counter book.' (Yeah there is a counter book planned on that counter book -- I plan to take each of you apart systematically.) only we're using your real name, family and friends, histories there, addresses and all. the public needs to know. no, not fag, bitch, cunt, scalding piss, shitwad, stuff like that. we're coming down on your punk ass with 506 pages -- double yours -- using the name Nicky Pacione and Tabloid Terror. Watch your back, son! because there is nothing you can do to stop the counter title now that you've released this libelous piece of shit.

so do yourself a favor and take that cafepress version down. now!

- the conspirators"


Who is croaked and made that faggot god? Yeah I've seen that cyberbully's kind come and go -- this would be the worst bastard I ever had to deal with. I want to see this psuedo-book of theirs. What is going to be one of those anthologies trying to collect all my extended family too. They'v done nothing to you -- all I did was write a non-fiction book, goddamn you fucks burn in hell already. All I can say is this you're following each other off the fucking cliff. Who the fuck are you to dictate who people should or shouldn't read asshole? Really who the fuck are you to do that or say that -- what the fuck are you, the fucking thought police.