Friday, August 15, 2008

The reason you bastards hate my comment feature.

I know why you bastards hate that comment feature I have below, it gives me your IP such as the jackhole who commented on my thing recently because a forum I will not visit knowing the bastards are all fuckstains. I saw another set of assholes editing my covers to make them into something they're not. I went and redesigned Issue Seven's cover to make it harder for them to destroy. Let me address this question, you see a site such as those assholes -- do you believe their lies for truth?
     I will say this, I got a series of articles written now and just waiting for Associated Content to accept them. Both dealing with online trolls and one of my new correspondants gave me informatian about the fat bitch that runs the site. Her real name, and now the search is on to find out what places will be willing to rip her a new one on television or even Blog Talk Radio. I dread the day that Girlvinyl has kids because I would love to imagine how many times her kids will get bullied for the reason their mother being the libelqueen.
     I've been dealing with some of these assholes for years, and I think one of them is herion addict (ahem Ben. Must be doing lines with his parents.) Accusing me of being a drunk when I don't even drink or rarely drink, and when I do have that drink it's just a shot of whiskey or a bottle of beer.
     I might be diagnosed as bipolar type II, but I am more sane than half these crack smoking monkeys who go around stalking me site to site or steal parts of my works without permission (Ahem shitstains on something awful, you better let go of those stories mother fucker. Also this piece of shit decided to steal one of my stories despite the fact I told him to fuck off. Hey Analstain Davis, you had no right to go taking any of my work.)