Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More thieving slash writing assholes

Oh for fuck's sake, more assholes are making off with my work and going on to commit acts of plagiarism. The copyright theft had been going now for a few days and seems if they got some motives that make me sick. Something that is even lower than those assholes who "created" those real person slash stories featuring me as a character. Now that makes me sick that they are even doing this too. This is something that sounds similar to those brats who brag about getting acclaim just becaise they write that kind of SHIT. Passing it off as "literature" if those assholes want to write short stories why can't they come up with their own ideas with their own characters. Skeevy had the balls to assume my identity -- you pussy if I ever find you I will put your face into the concrete.
            Stealing my characters and assuming my identity, those bastards need to be exterminated as some termite or cockroach. That is the ultimate form of disrespect I've seen in a long time. The being I am working on a new short story and trying to get the fifth anthology done, the thing people like this hate is progress. This asshole is also behind one of the thefts then oen who is creating an unauthorized story, yeah I can see where authors J.K. Rowling and Larry Niven are coming from. They are right there with that asshole who tried to write a real person fic with my son as the subject of it.
            Don't you think the accusations of plagiarism are rather harsh when I know different. Making claims that I have a room temprature IQ is rather harsh when I have an IQ at least of 98-100. I am not exactly slow; methodical in the progress of figuring your bastardized motives -- as I wrote in a story, you fucks aren't writers just thieves with a word processor. I have a few stories in mind and a few articles in mind exposing the bastardization of Fair Use.
            Now let me present this to the assholes who are laughing their way into saying, 'Copyrights, fuck your copyrighted works' -- before you say that, think long and fucking hard before you go stealing that particular story. Think about it from my point of view. Yeah I am talking to you Brian Knight and you assholes who are going around smearing my name on The Other Dark Place. The job wasn't big enough for you so you decided to call in some enforcements.
            None of my characters are gay because I never designed them to be that way. Writing with gay characters isn't my style, I would rather have the characters smoke and get into fights. Then I got these assholes stealing my work and posting it in Leet Speak, fuckers get your own ideas and get your own content. Sure they are using a site I called home for two years to make my life a living hell. I am starting to think that Pathogen started all this shit along with Girlvinyl who both share a brain in the sense they can't compose an original thought without slandering someone.
            I guess AutoAim is getting a lot of "fame" now for stealing my characters and impersonating me. The son of a bitch is just another faggot who takes turns fucking Raingoddess in the ass. I guess Pathogen is sucking off AUTOAIM for that same fame too -- then one of AutoAIMS shitfuck'd friends decided to say a libelous claim. How could I even plagiarize myself when I wrote Spectral Exile in the time frame of July-August 2006. The story is two years old and you fucks are picking on that one the worst. Can you fuckers write a story without any sexual content?
            I am also guessing Pathogen has no respect for anyone outside of his field. I guess he's going to be making fast fuckbuddies with a 50 Foot Ant, and I got some bug spray for this fucker right here. Are you fuckers done? I got some work to do on a few stories here and trying to get those done. IF anyone are attention whores it's the faggots who created the thread.