Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Short Stories I am working on…

I have to keep those titles under my hat right now but I will mention, I am attacking the whole real person fiction writing world with a few of these stories – one of them is a bizarre story I am hammering out. It is clear that I can name a few people who I have in my crosshairs with their recent blog postings, including asshole that composed his so called blog posting. I've seen these kinds and one of those who I went off at the little m/m slash writer decided to tell me to get off this planet.
       Free speech is more encouraged in the United States, but when other countries go around posting someone's private address. I took anger to it and decided to hammer out this new short story. I just need a publisher who is brave enough to run it. It's not a majority of the authors in the small press who shun me as Brian Keenis claimed. He's just mad that I got a story published in the very same magazine where he got an interview with. I am thinking where else can I do some damage to the political game and the world of people who write these perverse real person fiction stories then go around stealing my creative properties for the so called "Fair Use."
       I really think some of them need to take their head out of their asses on this one. I've busted my ass to get my work out there, and to get some of it published. The fact I will voice opinions that are not popular with the current blogosphere, it would piss off the rest of the world when I will go and say these bloggers will go and create a whole Stephen Glass type thing. That is part of the reason I am writing this new short story. The fact there's a small group of them now trying to commit mail fraud. This is history repeating itself when Susan Taylor and Dan Fox had done a number of mail fraud and phone fraud using my old phone number for a few things such as calling a septic system plant in Florida and sending for douchebags under my name using the mail address Rural Route 4 (I don't forget about things like that.)
       I've seen too many good people get hurt because of people like these assholes who go around calling themselves 50 Foot Ant (really he should be called 50 Foot Cockroach.) It basically became attack of the sodomites. That was just the beginning of this, some asshole went and created a goddamned Twitter account and I can't even get it shut down. It was an unauthorized account; believe me the industry assholes take things a little too far. They go too far with hiding behind fake names and fake pictures; some of them their own family even got involved in the trolling as what I wrote in an article on Associated Content. The new stories that came from the recent events, they never broke me. I will not yield to terrorists. When all logic is thrown out the window, and they've succeeded to hinder my creative process they can only dream that I could never write another story but I hate to give them that pleasure.
       I began to notice more Crusty Rail clones are popping up as time goes on, and became more ruthless too. I noticed that one old nemesis is getting involved now from my Diary-X days. I am talking to you schmendrick, all those times I remember that you got no posted on forums for every pot shot you took on me for some reason. Stealing from my cab driver story, that is the act of a real lowlife dipshit. You didn't break my focus from 2002-2005 all you succeeded in doing was pissing me off. I am still writing new works so in that you failed cocksucker. I bet you are going with your new "friends" now slandering everything I did and steal every drawing, photograph, and story I've ever written under the umbrella of "Fair Use."
       This is one of your old MO's asshole. Going around stealing my work just to be a dick; I should have guessed that you and DJ Pathogen had something to do with getting breathing down my neck and flooding my inbox. Now you assholes intend on committing mail fraud. I saw the picture with the Monopoly Play Money – which one of you assholes thought of the idea of throwing up the physical address? I am guessing that Pathogen had plenty to do with this one too. That jackhole has a lot to answer to when I go to Chicago next. Calling me a retard, mother fucker, I guess you had a catheter in your brain urinating out all your common sense. That's okay, I am still working on new short stories – and where you fail in breaking my focus I've been the most prolific in writing short stories.
       The accusations of plagiarism just will start a fist fight and it would put someone in the morgue. It also seems that the blogosphere they get more personal about the attacks too, and aren't shy in ruining someone's business at the same time. I've expected this more from a so called publisher who openly libeled my company – true I am difficult to work with because I am very particular and strict in what I want. I've seen too many good publishers get smeared because of what some of them did.
       I am guessing some of these people don't have the grapes to go on video to say exactly what they say online, but some cocksucker actually stole one of my stories and did a video with it. I am guessing he's a little pissed off that he got his video shut down. I expected this kind of shit from the mother of my son, but a few of them who did this are local and will actually do everything in their power to make my life a living hell because I think one person is a flat out asshole. I am using this new short story to put it all out there the cards are on the table when I've seen Brian Keene make fun of Tabloid Purposes suggesting that I have 20 plus books in the series. I am going to stop the series after 13 books.
       Also I noticed this cockshit going around stealing my articles thinking of ways to steal from the performance payment, this makes me sick – a flaming faggot going around stealing my work too. Don't you assholes have lives? I guess not – you go around smearing everyone who bust their ass in the small press. They are trying to distract everything I've done as a writer to make me blog about them in detail here – well they didn't completely succeed in this. I will just say this much the faggots have no lives and it is proof when the Crusty Rail goes around slandering everything I've done and slandered other writers whom worked their asses off. I am beginning to think that one of those assholes decided to tip off Sinister Tales and fuck over my sale to that magazine.
       I will just say this much, I got a 5910 word short story finished and a 3200 word story done. I got two novellas finished, and I am going to make the asshole who burned my first collection squirm in his seat when I say those stories are finally done. I am guessing that these assholes who contribute to the book burnings, it shows on public record how far some of them will go. Pisses me off that a self-published erotica author gets celebrated too – and the abuse of power she does when she does her publishing seat. I sold my stories and paid my dues, but someone like her – proves to have a very low IQ to go around stooping as low to smear someone's name through the dirt.

In other words -- EAT SHIT AND DIE.

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