Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1996 & The asshole mentioning this Accurate Manufacturing Crap


I was working in Remcor IMI in Glendale Heights, Illinois. What happened there was my left finger got caught in a grinder (why I never have my left hand out when I do pictures or show the picture of my hand. My finger nail got ripped off at the knuckle. Part of my knuckle on my left index finger got sanded down too. I was on disability as of December 2000 so how could I have worked for Accurate Manufacturing. There are a few Nicholas Pacione's in Illinois, but on my birth papers it is NICKOLAUS.
      Since "ExposeTheTard" claims it was hagnail -- I want to picture the shitter trying to grind a part on a metal sander, then something grabs the finger on her glove pulling the finger into the gap of the sander. That gap I lost part of my knuckle, the middle of my finger nail and all that was left was the two outside parts of it. How could I have worked for Accurate Manufacturing if I was on disablity.
      I moved back to Illinois, and deemed unemployable. I came back to Illinois after turning twenty-three. If that Nicholas Pacione is reading this, I want you to drop a comment below exlaining more about this because someone is mistaking me for you. I don't think the finger getting ripped in the grinder is documented on that Workman's Comp report because it was in DuPage County when I was working for REMCOR.
      At the time of them having to remove the rest of the finger nail there was three young female nurses having to pin me down to the table because I had some strngth to me for weighing 154 lbs. That was back in March 1996 when I had part of my finger ripped out. There was blood everywhere too. It took three long needles actually touching the bone to deaden up the hand.
      So the asshole named George Thompson is proven wrong once again, those of you who want to drop a note to this dickhead for his information his e-mail address is wearemany@yahoo.com. Let's put it like this I am lucky to be able to use the finger or have a good part of it left. That was the focus of the story Digital Bleeding. A very short non-fiction story I wrote when I was in college. The bastard likes to fabricate stories about me along with that asshole known as autoaim who stole parts of Sprectral Exile.
      For my finger injury I didn't file workman's comp for it so that's on record for some of you who would try to butcher that up or try to make up your little stories about scams of Workman's Comp when you're seeing these in your head.