Monday, August 11, 2008

In An Asshole Tree

The fruit doesn't fall too far from the branches, and I am talking about Ben McClullan here. The bastard got personal by insulting me as a man, so I want to say this -- his parents aren't too far from being assholish than he is. When I tried to be civil. the cunt called me a drunk. All civility went out the window, Bennyfag, this just got even more personal. Well I am writing a story and an article, the article deals with this a little more than the story does. The new story is 2200 words and I will be putting this out in The Ethereal Gazette. Lesson learned -- never try to reason with white trash.
     It doesn't fall too far from the tree when you're talking about people who are flat out assholes. I guess that is why he is part of a community like Customers Suck. I hit it on the head when I mentioned he works in discount retail. Sure I might be suggesting he might end up hiring Bryan Morrigan to investigate me because of that little insult when I called him an asshole, but now I will say his whole family are assholes. Amoral fucker going around smearing someone's name because they are a writer and disabled. I am guessing he's twisting the truth around, taking my ex-room mates side of things.
     Come on McClullan, I dare you to try to hunt my ass down now because I piss on you as a man. I wanted to talk adult to adult but you don't even think like an adult when it comes to being online. When you're online you act like a total asshole. But when I am online, I am exactly how I am in person as I am online. I guess he found fast friends in a faggot from Arizona, the shitty little nickname he gave me -- yeah mother fucker, keep running your mouths and addressing me as something I am not. You both are total bitch's anyway. I wonder if Bryan Morrigan is pissed off enough to try stalking me himself as private investigator. I am sure you're teaching your mother those dirty tricks late at night.