Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hey asshole -- these your own damning words

DJ Pathogen's own damning words.

"I actually purchased this book just so I could review it on lulu.com. The cowardly little cumstain deleted it and disallowed comments."
It now makes sense the asshole decided to send his buddies from SomethingAwful and claiming to made me more "famous." All he did is earn the right to an ass kicking. They're going around making my address public and encouraged people to harass my family. Leave the family out of this, what did they do to you.
       Now he's got a few of his piece of shit friends such as AutoAim.org writing these so called "fan fiction" stories. All it's done was piss me off. Congrats asshole, that is the quickest way to piss me off is to encourage your shitty friends on SomethingAwful.com to stalk my family. The only reason you came to San Fran is to become a major asshole in a city that was never your hometown. Just stirring up shit to smear someone's name in their home fucking town. Let me ask this Pathogen, what if it goes back to some of the people we both mutually know that you did all this crap? You personally take ownership for all of this man, if anything happens to my family because your friends so help me mother fucker I will come for you.
       You came here to be a DJ then you take a shit on some of the rest of the population in the progress with your little stunt. Endangering my family is on your head bitch, do you fucking hear me? I got eyes and ears in Chicago and all over the Midwest. So they will tell me when you try something stupid and this stupid you've done; this is personal. Encouraging people to stalk me, not cool. I could get people to actually boycott you if you're not cafeful. Belive me that is coming. Any night you are actually the DJ, it will be boycotted.
       I also lost all respect for Michelle Peace for the very fact she's encouraging him to stalk me to no end, what did I ever do to her that would put her on this rampage? I think what it is was the stunt I pulled in 2005 when I urinated on Darren McKeeman's photograph. Damn I need a picture of Pathogen to urinate on now. I can't help if Pathogen is a plagiaristic sack of shit; if his friends from SomethingAwful.com likes to throw that round at me -- I will throw that around here, because I think he didn't get permission to mix band's work. Hey Peace, I want to really know what did I say or do that pissed you off? What put you on this fucked up little rampage on the homefront? If anyone goes to his night -- this will piss him off, request SLAYER or Megadeth the whole fucking night.