Sunday, August 17, 2008

wait for it...

With all this article writing there is some new fiction ideas coming from it too and one of them, wait for it will be a long awaited sequel to a very infamous short story. I guess I will make the asshole behind the person in the crosshairs of this one. Since he's getting off on passing lies off for facts. Then those losers calling my recent article a bunch of lies -- well they are not lies, I just didn't mention full names. I got a lot of mixed reaactions for that underground horror tale, but I might even retool the story to make it a longer one. Since those assholes who went around for five years slandering the shit out of me, I am going to make them look like complete assholes. There is one DJ I am going to make look like an asshole on a few stories too.
      Mr. Pathogen, Chicago's favorite dumbass is going to be the subject of a few horror stories too that will play off his overhyped mentality. More or less a fish out of water story waiting to happen. Put the blonde bitch somewhere in the southside and he comes back having his car stripped to nothing. Since he likes to speak with a forked tongue. He thinks he's an angry person but I thive on writing off my anger. Since one of his new friends stole the article and a few other assholes created a fake account stealing my work and doctoring up the title to make it their own. Now I know what one vampire author feels like when some shitstain stole her work and made it into a fan fiction story.
      I guess someone like Pathogen would enjoy reading fan fiction by some reject who pissed on my hometown.
      I will call Pathogen a dumbass because he took a shit on my book verbally especially since he read the lies first, and I guess he's more accustomed to believing the lies over someone who told the truth. So I will address him as both Chicago, Illinois, favorite dumbfuck and as the blonde bitch. I think both nicknames are rather insulting, and oh yeah did I mention he's in the crosshairs of a new story I wrote called Media Darling. That story is done just saving it for the magazine. That one is pretty nasty in the delivery, and the novella I.O.W.A. That will be put out myself because of it's size -- most publishers don't publish 12K novellas in a particular season so this is going to be something that will be released privately and if one wants the information about where they can buy it.
      I can give the information where they can get the chapbook. But as long shitheads like The Rusty Nail and Capt'n Fuckbag. I am guessing Chicago's Favorite Dumbass will be reading this blog, and along with his little north side fuckbuddy who is deciding to believe the libelous bullshit. I see Pathogen in the same light as I see the asshole who was formerly known as Rozzlyn, and learned that it was a good friend of the cocksucker who pirated my first anthology. The shim admitted it was friends with the shitface. And Oh FUCK! The Shim started harassing me on now. I guess the IT OF A BITCH had nothing better to do. What I would enjoy being done is people taking turns deficating in the urn that the rainfaggot stores his dead bitch in.