Saturday, August 16, 2008

Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Pathogen, since you don’t have the balls to use your real name for anything – and you got yourself a account. Why don’t you grow a pair and try to set up an anthology of short stories featuring other writers. Put your money where your mouth is, I want to see if you can actually manage something of that nature instead of being a narrow minded chickenshit.
       I really want you to see if you can produce something remotely close to what I do as an editor. You don’t even need to ask some of your artist friends to help you do the covers. I will let you slide with the standard covers they give you there.
       I originally presented this to another promoter to see if they would be able to pull this off, now since you decide to take a shit on my non-fiction book. Why don’t you try to assemble an anthology of your own if you have the tools to work with?
       I bet you can’t even sell one copy even if you have Darren McKeeman on board for your line up. It’s a lot harder than it looks. In all fairness I would shell the $10 out for the copy if you have the intellect or ideas to see how to pull it off.
       Two months from now is the deadline for you to make this happen. Clocks a ticking, tick tock tick tock. I’m willing to bet you can get some of your new found friends in EncyclopediaDramatica or what ever that fucking site is. I want to see you produce something using your new place of being a dipshit.
       You got your entire community to be the judge of the project. I know you hate the book I penned; I’m curious to see if you can edit an anthology that is remotely scary. For the first time grow some balls and produce something with your new found site. Let’s make this easy for you –a 200 page anthology will work.
       If your anthology doesn’t even look passable, you do not blast on a single one of my projects again. Let’s see what you got pissblogger.