Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FUCK OFF MOTHER FUCKERs. -- this asshole is the one who picked the fight on e-mail. So I am tossing his e-mail address up here too for those of you who read this thing knowing what they've done. They even tried to assume Lawrence Dagstine's identity. I should have guessed that SomethingAwful would go as far to impersonate other writers in the small press too. Those of you who are suggesting I join that creative writing group on SomethingAwful.com, here's my response. GFYM. If you don't know what means it's GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER. For that matter get off the web if you're going to go around coming up with false accusations like that. That's libel of the highest form. Even The Rusty Nail doesn't accuse me of plagiarism. Fucking losers.