Monday, August 18, 2008

One of the large stories are done

CYBER:TERROR:MACHINE is done and now it is in the body of Tabloid Purposes 5. I was looking around at one of the sources for all the trolls I've been getting on, and I am going to pull one of them the surface here. Since they're threatening to post my work on a torrent; I am going on record that they'd go around impersonating me one site to another. Then one of them got me in trouble for confronting them about celebrating the impersonator. I will post the messages of the imposter word for word on this blog in the blockquote.
     I would like to see them try to get their hands on the new Tabloid Purposes for that reason but this is something they will be a failure at. They failed at life so they are going around making their living by ruining the lives of people who have worked hard on their work.

Helo ther, I am writer of horor storys...

So, goons... what should my first epic horror story on be about? I want to include both spiders, ladies and fathers being sexually abused. I'm thinking of a hospital setting, perhaps an abandoned hospital, with spiders, and ladies and perhaps... fathers?

Oh and by the way... please send any bills and/or death threats to so I can pay you whatever you desire and shake in my boots.

The Dickwad got a little pissed off becuase I refused to let the asshole steal my name and picture once again; but seems like he wants to make me a regular feature on his blog for that little victory. More of the bastards words here -- trying to say that another author wrote House of Spiders and Spectral Exile. I gave the exact date I wrote House of Spiders and the exact date when I penned Spectral Exile. He's pissed off because he got that fake account shut down by the admins.
     I am looking to see what the jackhole has to say of the blog entry here knowing what he's attempting to do. The only thing he's going to suceed at is having sex with his nearest blood relative.

#1. I am contesting the deletion of the story and the banning of my account with the administration of If they were not aware of exactly who Nickolaus A. Pacione was before, they will know his full dirty history after reading my reply, including his expulsion from the horror writers guild, his history of harrassing other writers and proven plagiarism. Any complaint he has made against me is most likely pure bullshit.

#2. I have everything saved and it's most likely going up on my personal garden of havoc called later on, together with my latest epic entitled "Spectral Sexile" - however, I want to see how the whole thing pans out first. Rest assured, there will be much action to be had here yet, so... LOCK & LOL, people.

Actually when I think about it, I just might make "Nickolaus A. Pacoine" a regular feature on my site. Who's he going to complain to? Me? I'll take his Cease & Desist notices and wipe my rear end with them, photograph the event and post the pictures together with some more fanficion about it.

Yes, I know. Toxx clause. I'm ready for it. I'm game

Now here's the fuckstain's website. Seems like I'm on the receiving end of everything now and some of them would love to see my imprint disband but they are not going to see that happen. When Dagstine admitted to being valentinevegan, he saw an equal hatred on both sides and wished he didn't see it. Something I saw early on with another writer; the kind of things I saw coming in 2004 when I published the very first anthology. I am guessing they didn't see the article that came out and the new article which I tore that entire website a new one for attempting to impersonate me on different places. I did a video cutting into them in the entry before this one. I noticed that one of the assholes of the asshole brigade thought it was cool to steal my article word for word then post it on their blog.
     I love the fact that the fucker who calls himself George Thompson is trying to pass me off as a complete liar about everything; oh that's original. Seems like this is going to be the upcoming hell that everyone has in store with me because I got that impersonator account pulled. The fucker calling himself autoaim, is trying to make it his personal mission to smear my name across the web. Come on man -- I am sure you can do it without stealing said stories.
     Some of them are taking a page out of Brian Keen's playbook of dirty tricks. Coming on as my characters and flooding my inbox, that's original. Seems like the loud mouth dork is hooking himself up with the asshole commitee to promote their work too. That really stings if you ask me. This particular individual reviewed the impersonator favorable but when I messaged him defending the fact I wrote the stories he didn't buy it, someone like him shouldn't even be a writer if you ask me.