Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey RAINFAG piss off.

I want to see the rainfaggot rain in on this parade. The only reason why he's pissed is because he can't get any ladies to get his dick wet on. I don't write for his crowd nor I have the desire to write for his crowd. Meaning I will never write a story for that crowd he represents. He got a little boy for that. Chime in on that chester the child molester. Asshole I got better things to do than to argue with a pair of faceless faggots, as in I got stories to write and novells to finish up. Looks like an asshole went as far as to try to review a story that isn't even finished yet. White Trash who hide behind fake names and one "representing" my home town of Glendale Heights. Motherfucker get used to the fact my work is getting published in different places.
     It pisses me off when people like him go around degrading what heterosexual writers contributed. Hey faggot, try writing something and submitting out then if you get a few strong rejection letters then you can sound off about my work. In otherwords -- get yourself AIDS first. Come on asshole you want a culture war, you're starting one right now with your blog entries. Twisting my fucking worlds around like I am a criminal when you are having sex with your closest blood relative. Heterophobic bitches like you really piss me off but it gives me more fuel to write what I am writing. Fuck your relatives much, liberal cocksmoker. Another reason why I am voting for McCain so assholes like you will NEVER get the vote to say I Do.
     You're little blog caught my attention and still pisses me off, so you want to ruin my readerships do it to my face you mother fuck. FUCK What you do as a writer if you even call yourself that. Put your money where you're mouth is.