Tuesday, August 26, 2008

“Fiction After Fiction, But Passed Off As Fact”

That is the truth about some blogs, they are passing off fiction after fiction but passing it off as fact – I am quoting an editor who is now with a newspaper I can't stand because they did some damage to a friend of mine in 1999. The reason I am gunned after a number of times in the blogosphere is because I will not hold anything back, and say the opinion that is rather unpopular these days. Even if it is at the expense of a subculture too, I am very critical of the Gothic Subculture these days as a writer because here in Chicago there is a new DJ who is trying to hate on authors and disabled in one fair swoop. Fiction after fiction, but they pass it off as fact. When they offer up fake pictures and doctoring up photos that were taken then pasting Angela Lansbury's face on my photograph, come on.
      More of those fiction after fiction being passed off as fact, and among the various observations of this – it gets old after a long while. They expect someone to go into a complex but when someone has a journalism background, they call it fact checking. They should practice it some time instead of jumping the gun to believe the lie. The thing about the blogosphere is they are willing to believe everything even when they don't read between the lines. The Stephen Glass scenario, and this is something I will state when they never seen Shattering Glass about a journalist who embellished everything to get a readership in a non-fiction magazine.
      I watched things like this go and they don't come out too pretty. I've watched sites time and again practice journalistic fraud. Blogs by other writers no less that made it even more insulting to take. The blogs that go around smearing my name on a regular basis have practiced this on a normal basis along with people in the publishing industry, so when I see a few piss bloggers – I will jump on video to follow up an entry. The reason I am writing short stories that are dealing with this is because it needs to be addressed. Fact after fact passed off as fiction will make it an easier pill to take. The line was taken from an article from a journalist named H. G. "Buzz" Bissinger, and I will say he had it right all along. If someone read the article SHATTERING GLASS they will see where this is going – as a writer there is something called journalistic integrity, and with the rise of weblogs this is compromised way too often.