Friday, June 29, 2007

who ever created the feed to this blog

Is a son of a bitch because I didn't authorize someone to do a feed to this blog. Also to the fact I will address to the world that author Brian Keene is a son of a bitch because he's threatened my career more than one time -- and the fact that I am doing the non-fiction book caused a lot of them to go up in a panic about it because I called the mass market out on its so called popularity contest. It is clear that some out there don't want me promoting publications that I do, or legimately gain readerships so they created that fucking nickolouse account on livejournal. It is a waging of war -- and will say whoever did that account is a faggot who needs to be drawn and quartered with semi-trucks.
That's right I am calling the son of a bitch who did that out on it too -- fucking assholes need to get a life or better yet ingest cynide and get rid of themselves from this world because the world will be a better place without the fucking terrorists. Obsessed faggots like Peter Barnes and HorrorGal really do need to get a fucking life. They're not happy unless they've destroyed me completely when that isn't going to happen any time soon. She's a faceless bitch who goes around bragging about stealing someone's books. It shows that someone like her is a piece of shit, and what kind of example is she setting for her kids. One that it is okay to steal people's books and do book burnings with select stories of them.
I really think the bitch should post her work to see if she has anything to offer besides being an obsessive bitch who goes around trashing on people because they do have the heart and talent. She doesn't have the heart or the education to take her career much further than to her being a critic and stealing someone's stories.