Saturday, April 19, 2008

You are not a fan McKeeman

"The only thing I am doing is publishing the letters from him on my blog as I am a huge fan of Mr. Pacione and would like to see him get the recognition he so dearly desires and deserves"

I will say this right now, you're just a pompus asshole doing another smear brigade. I might had made fun of your book but goddamn, you're going to stop at nothing and that will become your downfall yet again. Do you want to risk your job at Tribe with all of this you're doing? That is a flat out lie that you said on your journal. You were never a fan you fat fuck, you detested everything I did from day one and that became the thing that lost your gig with I call BULLSHIT on your part, and yes that is bullshit. It's called pissing in my cornflakes. I am not a complete public figure yet but assholes like you have no respect for my privacy as it is, yourself, The Rusty Nail, that fag called Peter Barnes, Ben Carlos (what ever the fuck he calls himself,) and the losers who are trying to suceed in my fail which they will fail in doing.
        Fans encourage people to buy the books instead of doing posts that say "Warn the world" about the book and tell people not to buy them. Don't you remember that little post on the site when you "owned" it? If I remember right you loser you lost that too, and personally I will not buy your book because I really think it's not worth the paper it is printed on.
        You sir, are not a fan. I will say that right now. You're in that same club of assholes who post on The Other Dark Place. You sir are a parasite. A fat fuck loser who is providing a shitty example for their daughter. I would hate to imagine what his daughter would turn out like in 13 years, thinking it is fine to treat people like shit and picturing her a pompus bitch just like her father. That is being a shitty father.