Thursday, April 17, 2008

Someone's busted out.

HA -- someone just got busted out. Koehler is still a vanity publisher no matter the way people look at it. I guess she was mad because I busted her out on too but she got that deleted. I would love to imagine her on the other end of the computer knowing her empire is crumbling down. The asshole had tried to bully me into giving up all creative properties of the non-fiction book I wrote because I knew there was something in there that would end up busting her out, and I got more information that I will be willing to throw up on craigslist too, and trying to see if there is someone out there willing to race her Delorean on PINKS. I need someone who has a Grand National to do it. She loses the race, everything will be tossed up there that Black Death Books is a vanity press. Is it true you still self-publish your books? I did the research and I know the answer to that question.
     Koehler the biggest secret of your publishing company is out, you're a self-publisher with your own books so you want to actually keep hiding the fact you still self-publish your books, or you want to back off everything I've done. Either back off what I do, or this secret will be put out to the HWA. You're busted lady, your whole family is busted.