Friday, April 25, 2008

Now I Am Pissed. has a bunch of nazi book burning pieces of shit, now they torched Tabloid Purposes II -- you fucks are assholes. Do you think book burning is funny, I sure the fuck don't and whoever does needs to be dragged out and shot on site. Mother fuckers, I hope you douchefags die of AIDS for this one. I am thinking it's the same mother fucker who set torch to Tabloid Purposes IV. Michelle Lee if you think this shit is funny now, get the fuck out of this business and you're better off working at a McDonald's where people will treat you like shit more often. Doing book burnings on that is another example of piss blogging there. Fuck you for doing this shit and you should all burn in hell for thinking things like this are cool, especially the "father" who wants to set a good example for his daughter. Laughing about book burnings, I think that is a very bad example for your daughter and ExposeTheTard for being a good example of white trash. I am not going to stop doing these anthologies, or producing anthologies all together it just gives me more fuel to write about in my fiction and yes I will put Karen Koehler into the story as a Nazi bookburning bitch.