Monday, April 28, 2008

finally... some progress

Here's the picture on the right with the piss blogger in question. She likes to get off on documenting my fail, but yeah she is going to FAIL in that I think. See the rant on Piss Bloggers & Yellow Journalists for the referrence.


Thank you for bringing this profile to our attention. The profile in question is scheduled to be removed.

The Rusty Nail is about to lose another profile, that's what happens when you impersonate me on myspace. Kiss your piss blog goodbye. Piss blogging bitch. Your wordpress is next. I also saw some loser who tried create a fake version of LAKE FOSSIL PRESS on myspace, they caught that too. I guess they're mad about the piss blogger address video. Seems like this is something ExposeTheTard would do. This is where you FAIL. Now I can concentrate on my manuscripts. If they want to force LAKE FOSSIL PRESS to go black it won't happen. That e-mail was from the myspace Admins. I guess you had your fun for a year Rusty Nail aka Jane Beresford.
        The Rusty Liar is going to keep going, and so is ExposeTHeFUCKTARD. The only person who is looking like a fuck tard is them because they can't come up with content that is entirely their own. So they have to commit acts of plagiarisms. I guess the other dark circlejerk will continue their bullshit. I've been too busy writing to care, but looking to find a home for the manuscript I've been working on is going to be a challenge.
        Rant on this for awhile you Welsh Dyke, your boyfriend can't keep you on a short leash. I guess that Jess needs to learn to keep his suckpuppet on a short leash once in awhile. Fuck'n asshole. I guess you get fucked in the ass by your dead brother-in-law. You must have fucked him in the ass and he got a heart attack. (I am talking about Rusty Nail's half decaying brother here, I guess they are both freaks like that. What can I say they are necrophiles.) I can't help if both of them like to fuck the dead, yeah I am talking about Plane Jane Beresford here aka eikomorikawa who must have multiple personality disorder because it is clear that she is ExposeTheTard because I am putting it all together because she is also Nikolai Palchevsky (a variation on my name because my first name is Greek and my last is Italian.)
        The fact you became obsessed with me in every way that you want to document my every fail but when I suceed you try to throw a monkey wrench into when I have the success I am guessing your the bitch known whatever her handle is on yahoo and that is why I haven't added it because I started to figure out it is you. I will say this much the way you act online, it makes the terrorists from London appear like saints. You make the OK City bombers look like saints bitch.
        By now I guess you're mad as hell. Fucking necrophile bitch. I linked that up just for more shockvalue, and I guess Bruncha Myers is involved with fucking the dead too. I guess the two of you corpse-fuckers should get together and have a coffee. Seeing you pissed off with your recent blog entry I am laughing my ass off. I didn't write this blog with hot head, just one that was pissed off enough by yours and exposethefucktard's antics. I knew that word for a long time and used it as an insult in chatrooms. Yeah I saw Ben McCullan's response to this insult, and basically the shit is hitting the fan on the rusty trombone's blog. She got burned by the necrophilia insult, I bet she's fingering herself using her brother's ashes too. I am not going to watermark her pictures because it isn't my style to do that but it might be hers though to watermark every picture I did and steal all my copyrights. Dragging my good real life friends into it too, they did nothing to you. It's just like Jane to impersonate me on Xanga too, fucking corpse-twat.