Saturday, April 19, 2008


It shows that ExposetheTard and The Rusty Nail are the one person because when one posts, it is not too far behind the conjoined twins will start posting too. The recent posting she did that was an open letter to long time friends of mine was what shows right there. She will stop at nothing to sabotage something -- the Rusty Nail and Expose the Tard aka Jane Beresford. This is your final warning. Either cease from all activity or be shut down by force. It's that simple. There's no forcing a perminate hitatus out of me, it won't happen now. You'd love to see that happen but it won't and this is where you failed. It seems like Jane Beresford has multiple personalities and all of them are more evil than the last. Aka Trawlingfrog aka Samyoung05, yes these are all you. I do know who you are now and it pisses you off all the more now, the more determined you are -- and the more willing you get to steal copyrighted material.
     It seemed like your highest ambition in life is to make someone's life a living hell. Personally I think you need to burn for it. It pisses me off to no end you're willing to stalk my family and my friends to get your accomplishment. Stop at nothing to document my every fail, but that is where you're going to fail. Rusty Nail is a parasite. It seemed that the blog is determined to stalk three other authors too and they did nothing to the person except being respectful with me. It also seems like everything you do -- including trying to put my name up on years ago, that looks like something you'd pull too. Libelous on my part with this blog no. I am just putting it all out there, the fact you were going to play guess my phone number again with another number that isn't listed. You did this upon my nonfiction book coming out, and that was when ExposetheTard came to the scene.
     Scary to think someone the same age as my mother going around stalking me and trying to destroy someone 15 years their junior. It is a crock of shit on their part.