Friday, April 25, 2008

Piss Bloggers

What is a piss blogger? It is similar to a yellow journalist, and I will explain more via video on here because I noticed someone said I am basically fair game because I got deemed a public figure now so are the assholes I am taking digs at too because the asshole that I took a dig at also had a book out there. His novel sucks ass too. But going back to what I said -- piss bloggers are the ones like ExposeTheTard and The Rusty Nail, a pair of cunts that go around violating every copyright imaginable just to get under someone's skin.
      Also a Piss Blogger is someone who passes off lies as truth on a regular basis and quicker to convince people not to believe the person who the truth comes from. If you want to see what I am talking about with yellow journalism click on the link here. Piss Bloggers should have their computers taken away from them and not be anywhere near a computer. Some examples of Piss Blogging can be seen in the Chicago Gothic Community on LiveJournal when assholes would write slash stories of me and some fucking popstar I don't give a flying shit about. The cocksucker finally sounds off too, the little radio show "jockey" is showing his true colors. Goddamn piss blogging donut puncher.
      It is often that kind of thing on a regular basis, fucks who went around and other piss blog fags going around in a smear brigade. Hey Brunca, did you have permission to run The Fandom Writer on I clearly didn't give you permission, fucking bitch. My fiction didn't carry a creative commons not now not ever. I also am using this particular entry to address the bitch known as Jane Beresford, does your work know the shit you're doing with myspace, blogspot, and wordpress? Copyright raping cunt, hey Jess Patrick keep your bitch on a short leash. I can get that accountant twat fired for this shit. Seems like the Douchefags have nothing better to do, but slam on me to no end. I guess they have no morality to them at all, so with that I tossed up this video as a response. I am waiting for them to do a response to this calling me an asshole, but I would rather be an asshole than a douchebag. All in all, dealing with piss bloggers especially when they are white trash.