Saturday, April 12, 2008

Book Burning Rant: Part II

Looks like a Children's Radio DJ decided to pick a fight with me on -- the little bastard thought it was cool for my book to get used for firewood so to speak. I guess I should link the little ass' myspace here and ExposeTheTard is working overtime now in stealing every damn thing I have now. I guess the bastard's been smoking crack for his terminal illness. Looks like I picked up another stalker too and I will go on record with this schmuck too, also seems like ExposeThetArd is intended on stealing more than my work for this little "book" he's putting out there. I will actually go to court for this book not to happen, and will put him on spot right now. I will take the mother fucker to hell for it. If anyone sees this son of a bitch walking around Chicago you have my permission to shove him face first into the Chicago River.
       Trying to destroy my focus and writing harassing e-mails to long time friends, GOD THE FUCK DAMN YOU! I guess it is safe to say no matter what submission call I will do these assholes want to force me into a hitatus but not happening. I am not even giving them that victory. I guess you assholes made it clear you support book burnings. THat is the ultimate form of censorship and you assholes proceed to censor me for what I have an opinion that is very unpopular in this day and age. You assholes burned an anthology by various authors, and authors you said were friends of yours too at one point. Ray Bradbury had the right idea on this one.
       If you assholes want to burn books you might as well burn all of Poppy Z. Brite's books. (Personally I would support a book burning on.) But this is an example of the far left not learning from history her. What point you assholes are going to prove by setting a torch to Tabloid Purposes IV. I was expecting something like this out of McKeeman, but his book is self-published too. I personally want to beat the living shit out of the asshole who did the video that was posted above because burning a book is the ultimate crime you can do to a writer on top of trying to destroy their career. Urinating on a printed out page that is the cover of the third Tabloid Purposes is one thing, and pissing on my photo then video taping it but setting a book on fire. THen saying you didn't pay the money for the book, you're going to piss a lot of people off for posting that video. What these schmucks are afraid of really, that I would get a reader who likes my work or the anthologies I edit? I guess the fuckstain from Kentucky is going to go around telling people to hate my guts. This is not freedom of speech, this book burning is a true to form hate crime.