Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To The Collective of Ignorant Faggots

I am addressing the dickhole who posted that little thing to stupid free right now, and I will say this once -- I am giving him a free chance to take a swing at me in person. Yes I call the community Stupid Free the collective of faggots.
     I will make this clear right now and put the asshole on notice. I am the last person you want to mess with now you prick. I am not going to link Stupid_Free but I am going to link the Capt'n Cocksucker's livejournal. At least I know how to use a timer with my camera you dumbass, when I did the picture with the holding the camera it was with another camera. I guess it shows you're a prick because you haven't done anything special with your life because the only ambition you have is to ruin someone else. Wait don't answer that, but going back to what I said -- people like this get off on posting to the Fuckhead Free community but when they post like that they are the march of the fuckheads. That asshole will be getting unlimited e-mails full of fag porn because that is the way adults fight.
     If all of you feel like sending this cocksucker hate mail his e-mail address is Seems like every time when I get something going either being a book or doing an appearance it is assholes like this that make themselves vocal. I guess this is something I expect more from Pathogen because he thought the torching of my book was funny.
     It is disturbing to see that people are quicker to believe a lie about someone than the truth that comes from the source of the person themselves take Benny-fag for an example. I wonder if he gave my family by marriage a hard time back when he was in school with them, but I think he is the type who'd take a steamer in the pecan boxes and pass them off for a chocolate covered pecan log. I guess Momus's ambition in life is to look for another needle to stick up his ass. I think he's somewhere anal fisting DJ Pathogen. I am burning on a Chicago Club Personality but then again it is someone like him that walks around with his head shoved so far up his ass that all he smells is shit. Hey Pathogen, lay off on the paint chips -- but I guess you just can't eat one paint chip either. I will say this much Pathogen is king of the idiots, and yes I can tell he takes jabs at me every chance he gets at his own shows. Pointing and laughing at me during one signing, you're a bastard -- what have you done that is so damn special.
     A man that is more dangerous than most, is the one that has nothing to lose. Pathogen -- you have a lot to lose, and I will make you out to be a real asshole by the time this is said and done. That remark you did on Chicago Gothic, that's right I am referring to the one of someone burning my book on They did it just because it would burn my ass, but what they realized by doing it they are equal to Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. I figured by the time you're reading this you're giving Momus a reach around.
     I am waiting for you to burn copies of my short stories as you printed them out, that's right if you think burning books is funny you might see burning stories as something you would pull too. One rule dickhead, don't burn on people who live close enough to clock you. The last thing you want on your hands is a culture war. It is safe to say you have a picture of me on a dart board somewhere. Something I said really pissed you off at one point, so that is why you go great lengths to fuck things up I do. So with that I draw the conclusion that you r fuck-buddy Momus has no ambition except to take a steamer on people who have more accomplishments than they do. So I will ask this of Momus, do you believe in book burning -- yes or no? If you say no you're a liar, and if you say yes you're a bigger asshole than you are online.