Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brite and McKeeman... a kind suggestion....

Fuck off. I am definately going to buy you that lifejacket now. You're nothing but a bitch, and this proved it. Besides the point -- I don't like the whole angle you respresent. I find it utterly repulsive. In fact -- I am tossing this video up as a response to that litle blog entry. Somewhere in San Fran you're sitting there smoking your legal doobie. What the hell have you written lately you fat schmuck? Nothing. So shut the fuck up when I sold work to magazines. IT is clear I became a little more accomplished since we last clashed but it is always fun to take jabs at my favorite punching bag (McKeeman. Still a Pompus asshole.)
       I don't think you have the balls to say some of the things you say on your blog about me to my face. I guess he didn't like the fact I left a really shitty review of his novel. It is my turn to warn the world and his low blowbrow tatic if using the bullshit website that twists the truth around as fact is what pissed me off all the more. What kind of example are you setting for your daughter, that it's okay to mess with people and stifle their career. I got enough dirt on you that I will make public if you keep trying to fuck with my work. Mark my words asshole I will make them public.
       All the shit you're posting on your blog again is opening another world of hurt for you and your career. The fact that I am busy working on two to three manuscripts at once, what is your fucking excuse. The fact you're willing to post a libelous website that violated my copyrights shows what kind of person you are exactly. A very shitty excuse of a human being I will make the observation of. Really what have you written lately? The problem with you is that you're too willing to ruin someone's career especially if they ran a rival publication. Poppy you can shut up too for that matter -- I saw the posts about you wanting to sue me for the non-fiction book. Have you even read the book or House of Spiders 3 for that matter? Oh that's right you're busy eating Karen Koehler's ass out.