Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fuck off Beresford

She's still fingerfucking herself with her dead brother's asshes. I guess she's mad because the company I notified about her domain, she said I was lying about my picture being stolen well I wasn't lying because I can throw up the very picture it was she used for the domain. You're not supposed to do that Rusty Nail. I guess you fucking your other personality in ExposeTheTard. Going around making snide remarks and driven to see me fail even when I have some minor success with a few short stories here and there. She's going to learn an expensive lesson not to practice defamation of character even the asshole who now owns Encyclopedia Dramatica been fucking his dead relatives in the process. I guess he thinks it's perfically fine to spread lies about someone in a public website, encouraging people to load up pictures of children too -- I am thinking people like him jump online contributing to people wanting to kill themselves. I guess the dead relative fuckers get off on that sort of thing.
        Just because I jumped on video that doesn't mean Rusty Nail has to make my life a living hell everywhere else now. Rusty NAil do you have a life? I guess not and now it is time to take all your activity you do online to the place you work at. Is it worth getting yourself fired for doing this shit? It is things like this that make me not contribute to the Preditors & Editors legal fund. I guess she's beyond piss with the domain being non-functional -- suspended lady. Fuck you bitch, get a fucking life. You're 47 years old for fuck's sake. You acted like you never really got out of high school. That is why you don't want people owning my work unless it does get pirated, you're a fucking cunt who gets off on destroying people. You're a stalker for doing it.
        The bitch said so herself in her own real website that she's unremarkable so she goes creating two shitty ass websites that smeared on people who've had made some solid accomplishments and doing so on their own terms. Face it lady, the Revolutionary War ended and you're starting to do the brits vs. Americans again all over again. Supporting authors on The Other Dark Place who proved themselves to be assholes. You're nothing but a shitheaded pissblogger. You know why you created to make sure I would never be able to get a domain in my own name and I noticed you gave Benny-Fag the same idea too. What are your biggest ambitions in life besides make my writing life a living hell. I am busy writing three manuscripts at once here and thinking which one to send off where, but as far as you fucks are concerned you are hellbent to throw a monkey wrench in each of those plans, and I also know that Black Death Books is ran by Todd Karen Koehler. They might claim that she's an employee but there are two employees there and they also run the place.
        It seemed like when you're a writer, it seems like maturity among authors have gone out the window ie they hide behind fake names and fake pictures to start trouble with someone. I am not hiding behind fake names or a fake picture. One thing that drives me is my honesty. When I go video it is an extension to my honesty I have an easier time putting ideas to paper than I do when I go video. So there is nothing scripted there. Everything I do with my channel is very unscripted. Would be nice if they allowed longer videos though as in up to 30 minutes again.