Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whoever did the video setting fire to Tabloid Purposes....

You're a piece of shit and you're also the same piece of shit who've been passing around the "Nickolaus Pacione Tribute: R.I.P. Video." Really I haven't blogged on here because I've been busy working on two manuscripts. I know Karen Koehler is trying to alienate a good friend of mine with me too which isn't cool either. I think that she's the person who is behind the torching of Tabloid Purposes IV. Nazi Bastards who think it's funny to do that. They think they would ruin my focus because of that shit, It has The Other Dark Place's stink all over it. The fact that Koehler had tried to sabotage one of my anthologies as it is, and thinking it is funny to give a malicious review of one of my books on another site. Really that is something I'd expect more from my ex-fiancee but the personality the Effort Whore has is my ex-room mate Crazy Michelle and my ex rolled into one (their nastier personalities appear in Koehler's so I would hate if they were all to go into a diner together and had a coffee.)
    All seriousness the people who are cowardly enough to torch the book really must follow the teachings of the Hilter Youth. Stealing my work, trying to convice everyone that I died, and now you fags take a blowtorch to my books -- you're assholes in the every process of the word. I can now say Koehler, Keene, Sangiovanni, Michelle Lee, and Bob Freeman support burning books. That little stunt made you all the equivelant of NAZIS. Michelle Lee you're just as guilty as they are here too. Let me ask this question -- would you have personally lit the match if someone came in and said they bought the book and enjoyed it. That is a felony on camera.
    Koehler and her little lackeys are a prime example of what the modern day version of the Hilter Youth would act like. The person who did that video is a fucking Nazi by any standard. So is that schmuck who calls himself TransgressiveFiction on youtube. That's right I will also say this of The Other Dark Place too -- they are hilter youth. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they were torching books by authors who don't support what they support either. I think it is very insulting for someone to do that and it is downright offensive. Then the fag, ExposeTheTard steals more content from my site, what a piece of shit.