Thursday, March 4, 2010

A little gift to the pigs stealing my work!

The Bullet To The Head Edit

Right now I am in the process of getting some of my favorite short stories together that been published online and in one place. I am trying to work on my main website to reflect the current publication credits and I got some new graphics from the magazines who ran my work. I see that Lewis is stealing my concepts and titles and creating pieces of shit with them. I've read his little take on Halloween Girl, I like my version hell of a lot better.
      I got some pigraper on posing as LakeFossilPiss, and I am making funeral arrangements for that little asshole. I have them as a nice little horror target in my novella I am working on and I got HorrorGal as a horror target in this motherfucker -- the novella is a lot more offensive than THE FANDOM WRITER was. These assholes have to understand something about my short stories THEY're COPYRIGHTED.
      I wonder if Lewis repeatedly fucks his mother in the ass repeatedly then sucks her cock. Yes I know I can be a little nasty when it comes to insulting people -- I got that down to an artform and I got a little pigfucker on another site who started on me because of the pigfuckers central. I get my revenge on them in a short story that isn't online anywhere.
      I am surprised it's now almost six years in May since I wrote The Fandom Writer. It's one of those stories, the more you flame on the fucker -- the more you're adding to the sting. It's just like H.P. Lovecraft's The Horror At Red Hook in terms of the controversy. I dedicate this story to the entired slash writing community. Without them giving me so much shit over the years, I wouldn't have written this kind of story, it's still my fucking favorite short story -- the expanded versions are a little more offensive. This was stemmed from reading Carol Sullivan's entry in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. She's writing someting just as offensive in issue 12!
      I know one thing with the novella when it's finished -- it's going to piss a lot of people off to the core. It's going to have the rub people the wrong way charm to it. If you hate The Fandom Writer -- there is a picture on my facebook profile, take a long look at that picture what's it telling you? This version has a louder FUCK YOU aspect to it. I did something cool when I did this version, I did a link to Jack T. Chick's doom town.
      Come on asshole! I dare you to do a response to this story on Associated Content, you fucking pigraper! I am about open a pandoras' box but ask me if I care here -- since the little fucks like ExposeTheTard steal content all the fucking time, I have them in the crosshairs with this one too. They just unleashed the wrath of god. The new edits to The Fandom Writer are designed to rip the nuts off any slash writing shit raper -- I added "Slash Fiction" to the meta tags so people will pull this story when they pull up "slash fiction."
      Pay attention kids -- this is most evil Uncle Fossil can get. This story is very loved by the old school grave diggers for a reason too -- Terry Vinson first read this one and he said I didn't pull any punches with it and that is why I love this one so much. I like it as much as A Cemetery Dream. I dare someone to go on the slash fiction sites and post this link. First one to do it -- will get a signed copy of An Eye In Shadows. The fucker pulled 43 Reviews on I am tempted to throw one of those reviews. Up on this blog with their e-mail address so people can write to them. I am in the mood to really fuck with people and this story is designed to fuck with people. They said in the reviews that The Fandom Writer clocks in as the most offensive horror story ever written -- it written to give the finger. Making a slash writer a fast food worker, and this is something that got to a lot of them because of the tone it was written. The font change is his words -- mine are the red in Garamond.

:blink blink:Well, I always said I was going to hell for writing slash, but really...As a slash writer, a fanfiction writer, and a devoted Roman Catholic, I would like to say this: don't you think you're being a little too melodramatic (Melodramatic? -- BULLSHIT YOU LITTLE HOMO! Little bastard needs to crawl back to momma) Personally, I think God isn't going to abandon me just because I like to write things in a different light. I realize this is just a story, but still...If you could e-mail me and explain your views, I would appreciate it. I believe my e-mail address is in my profile.

The ones who are the most pissed off with The Fandom Writer are the ones who write stories like Poppy Z. Brite where the character takes it up the ass or another male sucking the flesh pole. I still get over how many motherfuckers left reviews just to take a shit on it. It's like a right of passage for the little faggots. I designed this story to be a kick in the head. I've been writing stories that kick people in the head for nearly 20 years so I've been doing it for a long time, the new novella will be doing that on an epic scale along with the novel that I am working on. I am working on three novels but the novella is very inspired.
      I am doing stories that are just as abrasive as The Fandom Writer was -- but the novella is going to have the vibe and energy that gave The Fandom Writer it's magic. I remembered when I showed that story to Gordon when I was first working on it. He was laughing his ass off at parts, I just added more scenes where the horror are too. I did more with the coffin in flesh scene in the story and fixed the typos. I fixed the reviews on see the uncensored reviews. The one that made the "ass-fuck" remark needs a guy filling her pussy a few times and quit munching rugs. People like her don't like openly straight and proud.