Friday, March 19, 2010

Another featured on the wall of shame.

This one is saying I better not put her on the wall of shame, but with one of her remarks via e-mail flaming on Inquisition Revisted -- I will post the bitch's e-mail edited in parts because some of them are calling this particular short story a blog entry or an angry e-mail.
      I wrote this one about a very difficult time of my life. The short story was written about how I was losing my family and been the subject of a witch-hunt in Iowa. This bitch took a huge shit on the short story because I made it a freebie. I normally don't make new stories available for free but this one is a freebie. I took all the other insulting parts out of this e-mail before I tosses this cunt's address up there. Calling me a whiny Goth kid -- fuck off lady. That little remark got you a slot on my wall of shame. Enjoy your fucking day at the mall and say hello to your friends at Emo Topic. (I had to borrow that line from another wall of shame on a website -- it was too funny not to use. This one that responded was similar to emo faggots I deal with on other sites.)
      I guess she read about my wall of shame on blogspot -- this is a new feature that I added to my blog, since my wall of shame canidates come from all over the world. It's kind of hard to keep track of them all but the ones who earned a perminate slot on the wall of shame, are the ones who plague me from message board to message board. The other wall of shame canidate is from someone on because she thinks I am one of the fakes making their way on the board (changed my mind about wall of shaming this one.) She claims to have all my titles when she didn't spend a dime on them -- I am thinking she pirated those so every post I have from her will be on the Hall of Shame. She thinks that sn NickolausPacione is a fake -- no, I am not the fake. I am going to throw her profile for the screen name on this one so you can go adding her asking her about how she got my books if she is such a "fan.".)
      So she thinks that the person sending her that message is a fake -- will the fake have access to all their messages in the imbox? I decide I would play with her emotions a little bit, not cyberbullying here but all the posts she said to me -- were insulting because she thinks one of the trolls invaded my account. So with that being said I am tossing up her messages on the wall of shame. Those of you who see her books in the store, don't buy them because she claims to have every book of mine -- ask her if she's got the flesh in bloods or the pirated E-books. Electronic Piracy hurts writers as much as it hurts musicians. E-Piracy is my personal The comments about her saying she has all my titles -- BULLSHIT, because if she really was a fan she'd be spending the money on the books instead of getting them by ill means. Another one who earned a perminate slot on the wall of shame is that fat faggoty loser from Scotland since he's fucking with one of my novella titles likea cocksucker.

From Tess Tillman {}
From: Nickolaus Pacione [}
Subject: My opinion on Inquisition Revisited

So I saw on Shocklines you wanted people to read your story then email you their opinion. After reading it I felt compelled to give you mine.
     First off I don't see how you can call it a story. Nothing happens!
     My biggest complaint though, is that it's called a story and it's not. There's no beginning, middle, end, there's no story arc, no characters or character development, nothing. It's a blog entry or an angry email, but it's not a story. I think you even knew it sucked that's why you posted it for free instead of trying to charge people to read it.
     So that's my honest opinion which you asked for. I saw you said if people flame you that you were putting them on some Wall of Shame or something? Well I'm not flaming you so I damn well better not see my name on there (too bad lady, you got a slot on the wall of shame with the whiny Goth comment! Enjoy your stay on the Wall of Shame.)