Monday, March 15, 2010

Wall of Shame -- "writer" of a 100 year old story

This one I find a little funny because the story The Weird Violin had been released into the public domain nearly 100 years ago -- so I published the story in the 10th issue of the magazine. I did my research on the story and it's part of a website in the land down under. This is the very same The Weird Violin this joker is talking about here, I don't believe he's the author of the story.
     Welcome to The Hall of Shame pal. The magazine that published me also published a Springheeled Jack story too. I had to take one author out of the magazine in the 11th Hour, and I don't believe this joker is the author of the said story because it's been in the public domain for almost a century and a half. I am in the process of trying to get a hold of Ms. Washburn to get some fact checkiing on this particular loser who calls himself Reggie Stevenson. The Weird Violin is similar to Sweeny Todd in terms the writers stayed anonymous. The true writer behind The Weird Violin is really anonymous and the story was launched in the public domain four years ago in 2006.
     I did my fact checking before publishing The Weird Violin and the story I published from Plots Magazine is called Show Me You Care by a mystery writer. I am showing this e-mail to make an example out of the fool, he sounded intellegent but he doesn't know when the real story was written. I studied up on Margone Bowen in the recent years and she existed as a pen name for somoene who had a longer real name. This joker claims to be the real author of the story, but when I did my research on the short story before I ran it.
     I think this person is a fake, because I was doing my research on Ms. Washburn when I started Tabloid Purposes in 2004 -- the anthology is a cross between The House Of Pain and Plots Magazine. My magazine is starting to get name recognition in the small press, and if you see the domain that's not the real magazine. They claim to be an online mag posing as my grandmother when she didn't write any books -- she doesn't even sit in front of the word processor.
     The jokers behind that site appeared on Shocklines to mislead people from the real magazine; the real magazine is a print mag. I might be planning a second magazine but I am not sure yet, something that is more in common with Readers Digest but with a very dark angle to it. I am not sure yet what I want to do with that one, but I want to be the Gothic version of Reader's Digest. Some of the horror writers read Weird Tales while they were growing up, I only heard stories about the magazine. Reader's Digest was always a magazine I got my hands on when I was a kid. I almost sent The Pattern of Diagnosis to Reader's Digest.

From: Reggie Stevenson []
To: Nickolaus Pacione []

Mr Pacione,

We have never met before, but I was searching for information about Plots Magazine recently and I came across a story I had submitted to them years ago called "The Weird Violin". I then saw that you ran it in a magazine you have.

Years ago I submitted that story to Margi Washburn for Plots magazine. I chose at the time to not be credited under my own name and instead use "Anonymous" as I was not comfortable using my real name at that time. Even today I write under a pseudonym and keep my real name off of my stories.

Regardless, I have proof that I am the one who wrote "The Weird Violin". While I understand you did not know who I was when you featured it in your publication, the fact remains my permission was not given to do so.

I am currently in the process of submitting that story to another magazine and the contract stipulates that it not be currently available for purchase anywhere else. The company understands it was in Plots years ago, but they realize that issue is no longer available for sale and are allowing me to submit it to them regardless and receive financial compensation for it.

I am officially demanding you remove my story from your publication immediately. I don't know how many copies you have already printed of your "Ethereal Gazette" but they must be pulled from shelves at once and destroyed, and further prints are not to feature my story in any form.

I am trying to be civil in this matter so I am not officially involving my lawyers, however they are advising me on this and are prepared to step in for me should you not comply.

Thank you.

Yeah that was just one of the Wall of Shame entries, there's about two of them that I can think of. I noticed the fake Ethereal Gazette brought up they were going to steal the characters from Spectral Exile so I can take a very good guess whose behind the website. Some of the SomethingAwful set are behind it because they were doing all those "stories" off my character.
     I am not going to throw up the e-mail from those assholes because I don't want to give them any publicity. They had the gall to create a domain of my other publishing outfit -- I will have a domain for them next month and will be hosting Ethereal Gazette's detailed website from there. I have a website for the magazine now, so this would be the link.