Friday, March 12, 2010

A little article I got published on Hellium

When I First Came Online

I am sure some of you will figure out the characters and the names because they are real. This is in reaction of being bullied out of a forum. I did nothing wrong, just the people that chased me around place to place came causing trouble. I am in the process of finding the newspapers of two of the people who caused all the bullshit are based and will be writing a nice letter introducing the book and introducing what the three assholes had done. Brucha, Joe Smith and White Serpent. They want the fame, now let them choke on it.
      The forum folks are good people, they didn't deserve to be nailed like that with the sick doctored pictures and things like that. This article has a lot of vulgar language because I used Ray Garton's exact threat against me on So you little cyberstalking fucks -- you think you got my number. Read up because this is me fighting back and doing so in a way that I know how. For that faggot who is trying to get me not to make hostile comments towards the abomination rag -- you can kiss my ass on that one because I will say the snide comment making fun of that "flag."
      The slash community will always be a target for me because I hate what they do to characters that aren't theirs. Making Harry Potter into a flaming faggot -- If J.K. Rowling read that shit, she would have the same reaction that I have. I don't like when they make her copyrighted characters into flaming faggots, someone has to speak up for it because she's a Christian. You don't do that to a Christian writer.