Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wall of Shame: Taking away my Chicago Privileges --- (giving the finger)

This jagoff tries to pass me off as a faggot and he sees all the doctored pictures before he e-mails me. So I am posting this particular FUCK up here to have a little fun with him. He's taking away my Chicago Privileges when I am born in Illinois. Just outside of Chicago to be exact. I get these kind of e-mails every other day and it's something new with the jokers on the wall of shame. I started doing the wall of shame on facebook, but I think it's funnier when it's on this one.
     Welcome to the wall of shame you fucking prick. Those of you who want to play with this bastard via e-mail and all those places, that really is his e-mail address. This asshole is going to be flooded with shemale porn. It's so fun to be the internet bad boy, especially when I get the e-mails like this. When I live up to the administer of agitation -- I like to chew these jokers up and spit them out. This one is trying to say I am not Italian. Tell that to my publishers who have a hard time pronouncing my last name.


To: Vinnie Beats []
From: Nickolaus Pacione [}
Subject: what is this

Are you kidding me? You bring shame to our city. You quit telling people you're from Chicago already capiche? You also stop telling people you have Italian in you. You keeping popping up here and there on the net, and whenever I see your name (Content blotted out) You lost your Chicago privileges and you certainly ain't no Italian (I am an Italian you fucking dumbass.) What don't you go back to Iowa or San Francisco whatever other city or state you were born in cause it ain't here.

I dare this fucking joker to say what he says in his e-mail to my face because he's a prime winner of the punch in the head award. I don't always know where these jokers come out from but they always sign my guestbook with fake e-mail addresses but the message board you must have a real e-mail address to sign up, and I find out the e-mail when I get to edit the member's profiles. It's not like the proboards years -- the new versions of proboard make it hard to add new forums and all of that. I had too many spammers and lost the e-mail address password that I use to maintain the board so I have to start a new one from the ground up.
     Say I bring shame to our city pal, there is one place for this kind of e-mail and it's called the wall of shame. I am guessing you're getting plugged by some SHIM on the fucking north side -- Vinnie Beats, you're fucking idiot. I am guessing you're the blind leading the blind in this department, believing the doctored pictures to be real -- keep dreaming, pal. I have a charm that will rub people the wrong way -- get used to it.