Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lake Fossil Press Isn't Dead

Those of you might be pannicking about the magazine because its late -- I had computer problems for two months so it will be out later this month. All I need is cover art, the TOC and editor's introduction. Tabloid Purposes 6 is cancelled but will be working on six more anthologies for the next year and the first submission call is posted on DA and I noticed one joker e-mailed me saying that AVARICE is a short story that I made for free, no that one isn't available anywhere and it's going to be a novel that I am working on. I am just getting caught up with the submissions on the magazine and the ninth issue will be coming out some time this month.
    I guess I have to go old school with the submission calls for the future anthologies and working on new stories for submission. I guess the media blackout started. The asshole behind GUD Magazine is doing work on and guess he pulled the link to the magazine because he thought The Ethereal Gazette. I want to know how the fuck did the one bitch know about AVARICE when I didn't announce it on Blogger (I haven't blogged on this place since August. Been busy with my writing and editing.) I got an few harassing e-mails and they were taken down.
    The naysayers might be celebrating the fact that took the magazine's guidelines down but I will be e-mailing him about the updates. The magazine isn't closed. Just they will be a little late.