Monday, March 8, 2010

This Susanna Holmes Character

Since Susanna Holmes likes to do a smear campaign about me -- I am giving her the right place to start up with me on here and handle this on my own terms, if you want to respond to this post my e-mail is posted. Sites like or Encyclopedia Dramatica aren't viable sources for a journalist. Holmes you're not a jouralist and you're chasing me around forum to forum just so you make sure I end up like Poe or Lovecraft who were both scorned in death. This joker is trying to get me scorned in life because I refuse to publish slash writers and because I refused to tow the party line.
     I wrote about these kinds in my book, and they are mentioned in the bio on Writings From The Grave. I've seen these types come and go -- I dealt with them all my life and in the progress of writing the novella, I am going to make this particular joker into a horror target and give them a very brutal death. I am trying to keep it clean with this particular one but I want to bring her out to a playground where I have more dominion than she does, since her game is more getting people to gang up on me in a message board. I am not going to let her do that on a place that I just called home.
     I watched these types start trouble on almost a few years ago but I am not going to let them do it on a new board. If they want to start something -- that's what my board is for because I do allow swearing and I do allow personal attacks. But if you try to post doctored pictures like what you tried on the forum, don't let the door hit you on ass on the way out. Let me present this question to those who follow both those libel sites, do you think those websites are reliable sources on a person? I want you to bring that arguement to this blog if you're going to respond to me. Best response goes on the blog as a guest contributor.
     I sometimes wonder if can either of you respond to this without being ignorant. You're not going to scare off contributors because of the antics both of you try to do on the message boards. I guess you really don't have anything better to do with your life than piss on mine. The one called Professor Norwood, come on -- can you do someting that doesn't steal from my creations? Do you even have a life? This Susanne Holmes character is going to be making her appearance in the novella I am working on and yes the kill for her is going to be graphic. Since the bitch is trying to go after my cousin too, I am going to have a little fun with her kill in the novella -- her's will be one of the more graphic kills in the novella. A kill similar to Vlad The Impaler.
     Since this Susanna Holmes likes to cause some trouble on the message board I am starting to get settled into -- I am going to make an example out of this coward. Along with the jagoff who calls himself SoundGardenFan, (using my birthday as a birthdate? Cute move asshole -- getting people thinking you're me. Do you think that will work?) They're trying to do something that gets me kicked off another message board, but I am not going to take the bait over there -- they came there just to see how much they can do to get me banned.
     I am very curious if this Susanna character goes around stalking people to every forum they go in, or just the ones that I found myself home in for the very first time since the days that Trench has his forum. I am thinking this Susanna Holmes is another WilliamDoitTheSecond or someone along those lines because she's carrying herself like one of those piss bloggers I dealt with over the years -- someone who doesn't have a real website except for some presence.
     Susanna if you want to start with me, don't do it on a board that asks people to keep it clean and forbids personal attacks. I refuse to go after someone on a board that forbids that, and don't want to do anything that will get me thrown off another message board. I will say this much if anyone has a mental imbalance it would be the one caled Susanna Holmes if that's her real name. Yeah I can imagine the bitch being a character in a horror novel and not living very long for picking apart every little thing -- and in fact I made the sorry bitch a horror target because she decided to pull those fucking links out trying to make me look like a criminal when I've been keeping my nose clean on a forum.
     Someone like her is truly morally bankrupt picking on someone with a mental illness, but she doesn't know me very well in terms of being a writer or a journalist. If she likes to come after me on a forum, I am not going to take the bait there. With that Susanna, welcome to the wall of shame on my blog you sorry sack of shit. Don't ever mention my family on a forum just to see if I would flame you openly on there. If I see you doing it anywhere else I will see to it that you're on The Wall of Shame for all time and I will have other horror writer buddies making a horror target out of you as I am doing. You go around trying to make me look like a villan or demonize me because I don't like slash writers.
     If you hate my guts and made it clear that you want to make other people who barely know me try to make me demonized when I did nothing wrong. The only reason that you bastards do sites like on Encyclopedia Dramatica or Fandom Wank is because none of you do your fact checking about the person and harass the publishers that run my work like you have a death wish coming. Calling me a damn con artist, lady there is one thing I have to say to you is to look at my picture on facebook long and hard -- see what the photograph is telling you. I really think that people like you support e-piracy too because it's in your nature, do you go to the movie theater with a video camera and tape the picture? That's exactly what you're doing when you go on a forum to cause trouble. I've seen twats like this come and go -- trying to pull out an old piece of shit of a board that intentionally lies about me and passing it off as truth. I guess you're quicker to let people believe the lies when the truth is written, and the truth is written by the source of the person.
     I really think this bitch also behind the storefront, LAKE FOSSIL PISS. Very cute lady, it shows that you're nothing but a fucking bitch.