Friday, March 5, 2010

You Asshole -- Welcome The Wall Of Shame

I am not going to throw the entire body of this e-mail up there but I am going to throw in the part where he says Erotica, and he doesn't read my submission guidelines. I refuse to publish Gay writers -- never did and never will, and I am not about to start now. He uses the name that the fucking libel site uses for my magazine. My comments in the body of the e-mail are in gray. I am going to toss up that little "cover" they did of my beloved magazine. I treat the magazine like it's my second son. I don't have the offical wall of shame like other sites do but I've been playing around with the idea since 2000.

Yeah fucking right you morons. The only reason you jagoffs did 'cover' is I didn't have cover art yet for the magazine. Go to my facebook profile and look at the picture long and hard -- what is the fucker telling you? You bastards did the same fucking thing with Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and with AVARICE when I already have the cover for the one public.  What bastards have the right to steal my creative properties, they don't carry a creative commons license.

From: Stefan Wiles {}

Mr. Pacione.

I let you know I want to make submissions to your magazines and enter into conversations with you regarding future erotica (Erotica? Since when the hell I did that? I will never publish erotica.) projects.

From: John Smith {}
To: Nickolaus Pacione {}

You still haven't paid other writers (paid one of them $20.00) why would anyone trust you? Not that anyone takes you seriously enough as a publisher to submit to.

Your pathetic and give real small press publishers a bad name. Guess it's time to get you committed again.
Don't they even read the magazine? I ask people to at least read the magazine first before submitting to the magazine and I refuse to publish any stories relating to homosexuality because the lifestyle is disgusting. I openly refuse those kind of stories, I turned down one joker who tried to pitch a novella to me where the father was sexually attrached to his main male character. I tell those jokers to submit to Bent or some other magazine like that.
     The Ethereal Gazette never published that sort of thing, but when I published Daniel Willow's Testimony, it caught me offguard. That was the first time that I heard the story from an Ex-Gay. It stood out to me because I knew him for a long time but had no idea. It complimented the rest of the line up nicely -- but these assholes coming to me trying to say they want to submit, but they say they want to write faggot erotica for the magazine. What I say to them is this, keep walking.
     I will have a policy for real person fiction type stories and I am drawing this up too as I speak. If someone writes slash fiction, they're not welcome to be part of the magazine -- but if they write a cool dark real person fiction story of me in a story based off one of my creations and it isn't slash, they will get publised but it's exposure only on those kind of stories. I will draw up the GLS for people who write those kind of stories, but I am very strict with the magazine -- my reputation for being strict as a publisher follows me everywhere I go and for these assholes on the Writer Beware blogs who smear me every step of the way. An Eye In Shadows was written s a swipe at those who would go around smearing my name like I am some kind of villian in the industry.
     The cover for AVARICE will be a public domain painting. Those of you saying AVARICE is available online, it's an urban myth along with all my new works -- also urban myths. I just started writing that novel and working on two other novels at the same time as I am working on this one. I have a novella I am working on that's making steady progress. The lying assholes portray the cover of someone swallowing a load -- yeah they go around with an ANALLY INFLICITED DEATH SENTENCE. The real cover for Issue Seven was part of a larger picture called Watcher at the Sea, a photo I took in 2008 while in Chicago standing on the rocks. Revisiting the photos I took in 2002 for the website and
     I noticed that Regina Cook actually stole the candid photograph of me from The Editor's Lounge on Issue 10. What they royally fail at is ruining all my focus on the novella I am working on, and this novella is a masterpiece for me -- it's saved especially for issue 11. If you assholes are coming from the libel haven trying to say I will look at turd burgler type erotica yarns, you're sadly mistaken. I won't even look at those kind of stories, and I will make fun of you without mercy on my blog.
     I am not only trying to write three novels, a novella and a few other things -- what i am trying to do is return to my roots of where my writing got it's start, on an official website. I am in the progress of looking for a right click block. Some people are too lazy to actually write HTML these days so they seek ways to do a site without the coding so they turn to wordpress, Blogspot, and LiveJournal for their website. I notice that the assholes of Stupid Free can't come up with a solid concept for a short story or can't have a solid idea, so they shit on the people who do.
     Blogs aren't a good place to feature fiction beacuse the stories will go longer than blog page, especially when the blogs have about five to twenty entries going to them. Cut tags or not, I never posted my short stories on LiveJournal when I had the shitty place for a journal. I often notice how often writers are using a blog these days as their official website, but I would rather have a real website than just a blog because there is so much involved with working on a website -- I don't mind the work, but it takes a lot of tweaking to get the coding right. I am very old school when it comes to website design and that means hours of coding from scratch. It's a lost art because everyone will go with a CSS format for their layouts -- tends to frown upon advanced HTML for coding and shit like that.
     I will never toss up my submission guidelines on this blog because too many people will read the blog and get the wrong idea about the magazine -- I will be using my offical website for the magazine or other publications that are going to be done by Lake Fossil Press or Broken Mindframe Books. The blog will be home of the wall of shame, and I will be making comments about people who can't come up with original ideas such as HorrorGal who tried to con me out of $100.00 for backups of Tabloid Purposes II. Then there is one that would go picking apart every story I've written like some asshole, and that asshole calls herself Persephone In Pink or some other colors for each time I tried to block them on a site the cunt would pull out her other handles. I want to see this shit come up with an original story and concept.
     The bitch picked apart a story that got me my first sale -- and that got me angry as hell. I wish Matt did something about some of these reader accounts. I got a lot of shit from a flaming faggot on with a shitty review of my book -- I tore him a new one via e-mail and the faggot still decides he was going to take a shit on my career. These kinds go after me all the time because I refuse to write with Gay content -- I don't agree with anything of that lifestyle and what Dan Willow said basically kicks that community in the head. I knew what he was going to do, and I knew the magazine needed this angle going into the fray. But when I see someone like the asshole suggesting that I take that kind of shit, I will get pissed and tell him he will never get published with me.
     Wiles, if you're reading this blog you asshole -- pay attention as I spell this out for you. I will never take Gay Erotica, never have and I never will. So with that being said, enjoy burning in hell. I found the website of the male flesh pole sucker who took a shit on my first book so publically. I am curious if the asshole got pirated copies of my book and reviewed it from there, but I hate to say it to this asshole. I got published because of Collectives. I am willing to bet the little fruit has fun getting some from his nearest blood relatives. So with that being said, I could quote Eminem on The Marshal Mathers LP but I know he would say things that are even more offensive than I would ever write, though I've done just that with the upcoming novella. I am just taking a little time out of my busy writing and coding scedule to post an elaborate response on this blog of all the assholes who are going around posting fake covers to AVARICE or trying to say the story is a short story -- I am putting that urban myth to bed right now.