Friday, May 16, 2008

You fucks think I am laying low, you're sadly mistaken. The fact you maliciously got my livejournal shut down was proof of this and I will fight this tooth and nail. I am guessing Ben was a bastard to my step-cousns too. Did he piss away his common sense or something, I guess the 47 year old twat pissed away hers. I will say on record that ExposeTheTard and Rusty Nail are now working together, and seems like it more than ever now.
    The fact she is becoming more hard up for attention that her boyfriend can't give her at home so she goes for her dead brother's ashes the attention as in she's mounting the urn. ExposeTheTard is also a stiff fucker in that sense of the word because they freely violate every copyright and creative property I have. The fact will be are they willing to go under a lie detector test to explain why they are so willing to destroy more than one person in the process. You assholes are now wishing I never obtained a video camera. Because I am about to rip apart every single one of their networks in the process. This will all to to the press and it will take the bitch to hell.