Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Video Response

As I said in the last post there is going to be a video response addressing certain Leisure Publisher Roster authors who have a real lack of professionalism when my name is involved. Any professionalism that they have before I enter the message board leaves down the shitter. It is more drop the professionalism and flush when that happens. I hope the assholes on The Other Dark Place tries to figure out which Leisure Authors I am talking about here because it is all very cryptic here in the response.     The usual supsects already know who the fuck they are here. They are thinking I am going to help them push books they are sadly mistaken here because this will actually put those particular mediocre assholes on the spot. The fact a few of them might be reading this blog right now and figuring out who they are I am ripping into. This is done purposely so they can keep on guessing.
      It burns my ass that ExposeTheFuckTard is resulting to anonymous stalking and harassment to assuming my identity to no fucking end like some fucking cunt. It wouldn't surprise me if Ray Garton is encouraging the cunt to do so.