Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fuck Off Expose The Tard

Seems like the shemale sisters will stop at nothing at my utter destruction, and I will sound off on a particular editor who've also made it their mission too on this too. It seems like she's just as guilty as the assholes who were holding the match and holding the torch that completely destroyed Tabloid Purposes II and IV. Along with fucks from stupid free. It shows how far they'd go with their eighth grade educations. The bitch been going way back from my old community postings again to steal what ever she can steal, what a bitch.
    Looks like you've been finger fucking Benny-Fag once again too. Barnes you green faced faggot, back off. I guess you've been on a fucking warpath again since you had some meth in your veins again. You're nothing but a bitch who sabotaged one of my publications and even then you failed. Where are your fucking publishing credits and publishing history mother fucker, you call yourself a "professional" writer just a shithole blogger who hides behind fake names and fake pictures. I don't hide behind anything you assholes. Piss on you mother fucker, sounds like you chimed in again like some flaming faggot. Seems like you've been sucking williedoit's cock.
    Those book burnings were not self made, fucking nazi mother fucker. If you have the balls and show up face to face then mention the book burning I will put you into the ground mother fucker. Book burning around me is an automatic ass kicking. Liberal Faggot Bitch.