Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Of Spiders 3 vs. Lost Souls -- HoS3 wins.

You want to make a little bet on that Poppy. Your Career for Rusty shutting the fuck up and letting me gain submissions. Poppy you’re a bitch that I wish was washed away in the hurricane. Now I am looking for that little rowboat to send you now. That lifejacket that I was threatening to buy you over the years, you’re going to be the proud owner of that one. Learn to swim bitch. Learn to swim.

You’re still burned by the joke I made at your expense. I was scared by the tornado touching down about 12 blocks from the hotel, just a little stunned at how close it was not to mention it picked up speed and did more damage in Utica, Illinois. You got a lot of nerve you cunt. I will see you in hell. (The thing that scared me was how the fuck that same tornado picked up speed and touched down in UTICA after not doing that much damage in Joliet. But as scary as it is, it is just normal part of living in Illinois. As normal as our fucking blizzards. You fucked with me on the wrong fucking day bitch, this time around your career will see is premature burial.)

I will tell you what, I am going to get a couple copies of Tabloid Purposes IV carried down in New Orleans. I am willing to bet your career that you will see to it that my books never get carried. Hell my work’s been good enough to get in a couple paying mags.

I sold to a few small press science fiction magazines here and there Brite, while you retired from horror you’re still writing for faggots. IF you hate this country so much, get the fuck out then and move to Cuba or somewhere more fag friendly. I’ve busted my ass in the short four years to get stories published in different small press and paying magazines, I’ve paid my fucking dues.

Piss bloggers like Rusty Nail make me fucking sick. It is people like you that make it hard for people like me even to establish a story or a readership legitimately. Melissa shut the fuck up, I don’t what care what the fuck you were considering yourself to be a he/she/an it. You’re just as fucked up as the fruit that calls itself Rowan.

Fuck you and the virus you rode in on. I’ve been down to NOLA back in 2002, and believe me Chicago is more haunted than NOLA ever is. You cost me one friend up here Brite. I am going to say what I am going to say because right now you crossed me one too many times and your asshole faggot friend from San Fan (yeah that fat fuck Darren, the loser in a dress.)

Have you even read Tabloid Purposes IV Melissa? Don’t ever underestimate me Poppy. The only reason you’re out there because of your precious faggots. If you didn’t have the faggots you have nothing, you’re not rich neither am I but goddamn — I will rather go to hell than let a pair of coke snorting dykes sabotage what I worked so damn hard to get on my own. No fucking agents or any thing like that — I got there on my own. Published in a number of paying mags and a few small press mags. Those were hard fought victories Poppy.

House of Spiders 3 smoked everything you wrote. Besides there is more to horror than faggot vampires. (As we say in the Midwest, blood sucking fudgepackers.)